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  1. Imprudence is far out of date, therefore isn't fully compitable, I would recommend switching to Kokua if you liked using Imprudence before, as it's by the same people and got near same performance, but is up to date.
  2. I would recommend search for "Yardsale" in the search function within Second Life, should pop up with plenty of sims and even groups
  3. I was wondering if anyone got experience with using a Xbox One controller with second life and could share how they set it up, I recentely had to switch controller from my old Xbox 360 one, however, no matter how hard I try, I can't seem to get the Xbox One to work properly in Second Life, Yes it's checked in joystick and all, so that's not issue, most buttons work as expected, except with the triggers and bumpers(such as one seeming as if stuck, working fine outside of SL). So if anyone can help in any way, I'd appreciate it! Edit: Using 360 style of settings does not work with the Xbox One controller(I'd asume due to some differences in driver), however using Virtual flycam and Xpadder, may be used as a work around, I am not sure as I couldn't get Virtual flycam to install, which could be because I'm on Windows 10.(and even in compitability mode it refuses to install the driver) so for those using Xbox One controller and are getting issues, could try that.(for future, just in case) Edit #2: Turns out it was just my drivers that were wonky, and I got it to work properly after a while of playing with drivers!
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