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  1. Hello, I purchased a voice morphing package today, when I bought the item, I received a warning saying that the items were purchased from an unsecure site and that they would take a few minutes to load for my safety. My linden account was charged for the purchase, but when I select voice morphing, the options are not listed. What do I need to do here? thank you, Kristie Morpork
  2. Im using the new viewer, I love the layout and ease of it, however, I've had this issue for some time and can not seem to find a solution. When I zoom around using my camera, the avatar names and pose tags show up on my avatar, blocking my face. Same on other avatars, if I zoom in to them and there is a land mark tag, or pose ball behind them, the title shows up on their face or body instead of being blocked... This is getting very annoying.. P L E A S E help. thanks, Kristie
  3. thanks Loon.. I dont like the layout of Phoenix..
  4. thanks Cinnamon, Im using a Macbook pro. so that doesnt help.. I appreciate everyones attempts..
  5. I dont want to remove them all together, I just want my avatar to block them when they're behind me.. you know?
  6. ughhhh.. sooo annoying. anyone have a fix???
  7. thanks bee, I've tried this, still no good. It only removes the names and tags of the avatars, then you still have all the other things such as pose balls, information tags..
  8. When I zoom around a room, the names of all the avatars in the room and the titles show up on the avatars, blocking them. This is very annoying.. How can I fix this?
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