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  1. Nothing happened just a question. If someone has me blocked in second life am I still able to purchase content they put on the market? Or if I cant buy from the market place am I able to gift it to myself from an alt they wouldn't know about?
  2. Unfortunately what ever money you paid for is forfeited. The ToS protects landowners from having to refund money due to resident disputes. Unless you know the landowner very well never pay for more than a week at a time. In SL disputes happen and a week in SL time is like a month IRL time.
  3. Why should we have to clean up your error. Some of us do not play SL as much any more for any number of issues. When I posted those items I expected them to be left alone. You should take down the photos your system messed up. It should not be left up to me. When I first posted my listing it was correct.
  4. I contacted LL about this submitting a ticket and was told I had to be a premium member for them to help me on that issue what should I do I want this group name and don't want them to have it what can I do? I am the owner and Creator
  5. I added at the time my partner to ownership of my group now we are broken up and I want him out but he refuses to leave what can I do? I created the group and i am still owner of it.
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