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  1. what a load of crap we are being bullied by a company which we pay to provide a service which we are NOT getting
  2. lindenlabs have screwed up yet again it hasppened to me last nioght ive been forced offline for nearly a full; day now
  3. trying to log in only to find out all logins have been disabled for whatever reason i dont know as its not listed anywhere
  4. i use q translator works perfectly on a 1-1 conversation in many languages would reccomend it to anyone
  5. currently running 32 bit windows 7 all working good on phoenix build 908 without any problems have second pc running 64 bit windows 7 looking for software to run sl any advice greatly appreciated phoenix 908 refuses to run stating graphics drivers need updating when checked with card manufacturer all drivers up to date
  6. thanks guys the simple answer is to locate the avatar and ask for a sim restart from the land owner where the avatar is that will force the offending avatar to log out then you can log back in using your normal avatar
  7. my sl software (Emergence) crashed last night but didnt log my avatar out of sl so i cant log back in as me i can see her on my friends list but cannot locate her on map how can i get this situation resolved so that i can log in as my normal avatar ive already tried locarting her on the map and teleporting to her with no luck PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN
  8. many thanks for all your help people the last post was really useful thank you
  9. i think i am a premium member but i am not sure any hep to clarify the situation would be appreciated
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