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  1. Peggy,

    I understand what you're saying about the users or isp being responisble for many of the issues they have in SL. I am neither lazy nor arrogant but, I can certainly tell you that I just don't know which processes that are running in the background are safe to turn off.  Sure, Pandora, YMsgr, Firefox and one or two others are obvious to me and, I do turn them off. 

    I'm on the hunt for a new AMD Radeon HD card because my current one (Radeon HD 5450) is no longer on the list of 'recomendations'.  I want to make a decent jump in quality of card just to keep at least 1 step ahead of LL.

    I would like to know if you can tell me some of the not so obvious processes that run that are safe for me to turn off and perhaps, which direction to go in the AMD Radeon HD family. I'm looking at the 6000 series but I don't understand the specifics of  6850 and 6870 being recommended. Do you know why the entire series is not recommended?  Just wondering.

    Sorry, I've been all over new egg, toms hardware and other sites seeking info to buy the most effective card. I'm simply stuck.


  2. System: Acer Aspire U5832

    Win 7, 64-bit

    AMD Athlon II X4 645 Processor

    4 GB Memory

    ATI HD Radeon 4350 Graphics card

    (Card meets the requirements for SL & I confirmed 64-bit support by LL)

    This computer is 3 days old. It replaced a Dell with Vista OS and the SAME video card.  Never had any problems on Vista.  Installed viewer and got following msg: Second life is unable to run because your video card drivers did not install properly, are out of date, or are for unsupported hardware....

    I confirmed driver updated via AMD. I uninstalled video card via uninstall tool and reinstalled it via AMD website. I rebooted and received the above message with 2 different 3rd party viewers.

    I cannot find an official specific or global solution to this problem and it's a common problem it seems.

    Does anyone know the fix?




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