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  1. After finding a slightly modified and extremely cheap version of my full perm item on the marketplace by a reseller, I am prompted to ask . . . has this person infringed any copyright or intellectual property rights of mine?Is there anything i can do to get them to remove it? Are there any rules or rights when items are sold full perm? I have seen notecards included with full perm items i've bought, which declare the item is not to be resold . . . Should i be including such a note? I also buy full perm items to include in my builds - however i do not resell them as they are. The reseller has added a couple of decorations and changed one texture. The service they offer with the item is exactly the same as my own. Yes - i'm fully aware of the risk of selling full perm items. But if there's any extra precautions i can take, or any action i can take against the reseller - i'd like to know.
  2. bumpiness ... has it ever worked properly? It comes and goes randomly. I can't use it in my builds because when its not working properly, the texture appears horribly fuzzed. I've read posts going back years regarding this. Its an issue in all viewers, some worse than others. Is it only me, or does most of the sl population not see bumpiness correctly? I'd be wasting my time using it in my builds if this is the case.
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