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  1. I used to be able to uncheck the ability to make a landmark under the options tab of "about land". I noticed, when i started using Firestorm, that that option was no longer available. Since restarting the sim seems to reset that option i needed to use Phoenix, which still allowed me to make that restriction. Now i have noticed that even though Phoenix shows the check box for allowing landmarks to be made, i cannot uncheck that option. SL V2 has the same screen for about land that Firestorm does, so that is not an option. I tried the "block landmarks" option in Firestorm (and SLV2) but that blocks all landmarks, including my "home position". Not what i was looking for.. Any ideas? Thanks, Arbur
  2. I am trying to include a script for "wind blown hair" into an avatars hair..  The instructions for the script say .. "place the script into the ROOT PRIM of the hair... I have attempted to do this and not been successful... How do I open the ROOT PRIM  to add a script to it? Thanks!
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