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  1. Blender School has a new round of “color variants in PBR” coming in early November, see Goonther Blackcinder’s profile for info on the group Discord. It’s a great group for Blender creators generally, with tons of support.

    The PBR process changed for the basics class between the first round and the second round, so it will probably change again by the next time the beginner class is offered. I had to throw out my class notes from Round 1, as the node setup was different in Blender.

    Hoping for an updated official wiki as we approach the official release.

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  2. On 12/11/2022 at 5:25 PM, OptimoMaximo said:

    Hi everyone, 

    i started this thread to share with you all, for free, some resources that i think might be useful to some of you.

    I've prepared a zipped .7z file that contains:

    • a substance designer node
    • two substance painter presets (normal and UDIM)
    • an exe file (Windows only)

    These resources automatically pack AO, Roughness and Metallic maps exactly as the ongoing PBR project wants them to be encoded.

    The executable file is a program i wrote for fun, and it's quite straightforward to use. It's meant for those of you gals/guys who do not use one of the Substance softwares, and want a mean to pack these textures automatically from the single images

    (alternative softwares to Substance software listed here: https://all3dp.com/2/best-substance-painter-alternatives/)

    here is the link to download it


    Hope you enjoy!

    Bumping to ask about this ORM packing tool. I fumbled around trying to get it downloaded, I installed 7zip to open it, not sure of next step. I’m on Windows 10.

    Is there an installer? 

  3. I'm missing a couple of no-copy objects, that I suspect I control-dragged into the wrong prim somewhere on my parcel. I've checked the most likely "targets" for these missing objects, but is there a script to search rezzed object inventories (by name)? There are a lot of objects on my parcel, not sure what the best solution for dumping this data would be. Otherwise, I'll start checking objects all around the target area by hand...

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  4. On 11/4/2022 at 6:55 PM, Wulfie Reanimator said:

    The web profiles (my.secondlife.com) are being phased out and aren't intended to work.

    Ah well, I guess I'll drop my decade-long grumbling about the web profiles not having an RSS feed and use the already-working Flickr link from Firestorm, which is easier to repost/reblog from anyway.

  5. Earlier today, I noticed a crowd of about 20 AVs down the road from my mainland parcel. I have noticed small conducted "tour groups" in my area and wondered if this was another group forming, or perhaps they were waiting for a Yavapod or other road-based airship tour. Curious, I took a look.

    Nope, they are completely invisible - no tags, no visible AVs, and they're not even visible in wireframe. So, I'm thinking it's bots, as there's a "vote" thing set up on the parcel.

    Ignore it, report it, or live with it?

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  6. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 512m Water Lot Protected Sunrise $L8500 in Trollhaugen

    Trollhaugen 247, 197, 21


    Water/Ocean lot in Trollhaugen, a beach/houseboat community with protected sunrise views. Moderate rating, 512m, 175 prims

    This area is just offshore from a peninsula in the Snowlands, so you can enjoy tropical breezes while you watch the neighbors on the horizon freeze!

    You will need a houseboat, beach cottage on stilts, several tons of virtual sand, or gills to live comfortably in this area.

    Water/Ocean lot in Trollhaugen, a beach/houseboat community with protected sunrise views. Moderate rating, 512m, 175 prims

    Thanks so much for your consideration,


    Lelani Carver


  7. I'm no expert, but have been reading up on Blenderr a lot lately. What is your physics shape? Loki Eliot's "old" blog has some very interesting tips regarding LI and LOD that I'm going to try on a hat I've been working on that comes in at around 27LI. I know it's possible to get it lower than that based on some examples I've seen. You can do it!




    In short, he recommends linking to a plain old invisible prim for a physics object, and to set the lowest LOD level and the Physics level to 0.


    I'm going to try those later. I thought at first that you might want to show a simpler physics model like 3 trapezoids, but Loki's old (and new) blogs have some really helpful tips.

  8. Great news, and not just for current merchants; I look forward to seeing new products from creators who've avoided listing on the Marketplace due to land issues or reluctance to mess with Magic Boxes.


    It'll remove one of the obstacles I've faced, and it'll motivate me to get new content listed for Direct Delivery. Looking forward to more information regarding existing boxes, though. I'd be in the "late adopter, procrastinator" column on converting from Magic Boxes if it turns out to be more than simply dragging items into the products folder.


    Guess I'd better try testing it on Aditi, as the early adopters have been doing. ;)

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