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  1. When is THE MESH PROJECT going to update their customers and give customer support. The wearers of this first designed mesh body has stolen Lindens with promises to the SL community dwellers. I think we have been abused with false promises. We allowed them into our groups to listen and get feedback on their product,giving them free ideas! only for them to complain TOS infringement because our group name had Mesh Project additicts (Mesh Project) in our name. We had to shut down our groups which was the only support for this mesh body. They have a website that is limited to use for members becau
  2. Does anyone have a subtle cold breath script ! I am using one now that is too strong for a normal exhaling of breath in cold enviorment. I would appreciate any help to curb this script down to something most realistic!! COLD BREATH // Particle Variables. float maxsysage = 0.6; float maxspeed = 0.35; float minspeed = 0.35; float burstrad = 0.0; integer burstcount = 1; float burstrate = 0.035; float outangle = 1.0; float inangle = 1.0; vector omega = <0.0,0.0,0.0>; vector startcol = <1.0, 1.0, 1.0>; vector endcol = <1.0, 1.0, 1.0>; float startalph = 0.25; float endalph = 0.
  3. I know this is frustrating as I am having the same problem and have had a premium account for 9 yrs now. I also use credit card and have also verified age with linden labs with drivers license. (which I have been uncomfortable with ) My market place has everything in the selection drop down of "Show marutity Levels" that you received an answer to follow the link and select. How lame is that? as we all can see those boxes and have checked them out a thousand times. Nothing can be selected except what is given "GENERAL" so we still are blocked from viewing the full benefits of what the market pl
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