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  1. Ok I don't know why but I did get into SL via laptop and the packet loss is 0.0% ping sim is 1714 msec sim ffs is 45 and the physics fps is 45.0 so I guess it was my server/net being a pain. The home sim is running on the Magnum server But I still don't understand why I could surf the net get osn SL website but just couldn't log in Oh flushing the DNS didn't work could of just bad timing on my part this has happened before Nix
  2. I can connect to sl on my desktop but the lap top gets a dns error failure to connect to the simulator. The lap top is online as \i can surf the net with no issues, I'm running win 7 with a clean install of sl viewers. Any help would be appreciated \;0\ Thank you \Nix
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