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  1. I had created a building and finished it. I put it into a rez box for the purpose of sale. In testing the rez box i cleared the build once and added a frame of a window left behind. It was in a cluster that had a slave script in...i took the build back into the rez box. When i tried to "build" the building again from the rez box nothing happened. I looked in the content of the rez box and the building is gone. I just disappeared and it is not in my inventory returned to objects or to my lost and found. Can you help me? What could have happened. I have used this process often and never has my c
  2. I have an error in my login> But is was saved as an error...Is there a way for me to "erase" the wrong name on my login box?
  3. I am beginning to create furniture and would like to know what I am doing wrong in my scripting. I keep getting an error on my poses taht say the Permission Tigger Animation is not set...I was successful on one sofa to a nice sit/recline but have been experiencing this error message for the last few tries. Help please. It is driving me nad. KKSands
  4. I was reading this post...I am having the same problem just today...this error message follows me from sim to sim...and the script lays in my floor at my home...how can I get rid of both...please HELP ME..i am going nuts ove this...
  5. I have security controls for my land and has made one o fmy friends allowed to enter my property but, she gets evicted each time she comes to the property. I have to disarm the security to allow her. I need help.
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