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  1. After yesterdays unscheduled maintenance, where I was logged out for about 20 minutes, my inventory will not fully load. I am missing 20K items. Have I lost my stuff or is there a way to recover what was there before yesterday April 16th?
  2. thank you for your responses. I have always had all content checked in my viewer. But since I use Firestorm I will also do the selection using SL viewer. And I did submit a query to Marketplace. Thank you again.
  3. I have been age verified since they started that requirement to view Adult content. My viewer preference is set to allow all content. Why cant I search mature and adult listings on Marketplace? When I went to my dashboard to check age verification status there is NO OPTION to even fix it. there is no tick box or even a category to age verify...how do I get this done?
  4. Access has been denied when I try to set my search preferences in Marketplace. My viewer preferences are set to allow all content. I am well of age. How do I go about fixing this?
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    I asked this question a few days ago, I got one response but the solution offered was already in play. Does anyone know why when I downloaded the new version of SL and later of Firestorm, why do I get a thick, gray,muddy horizon when I am in my skybox or space station. The upper part of the screen is the regular sky color, blue, stars, what ever the region time of day; but 3/4 of the screen below that is murky and gray. If I go back to an old Phoenix version the sky is viewed correctly. I was told to make sure my Atmospheric Shaders was selected. It was, I left it in the default position. I even totally cleaned both viewers a 2nd time. Same thing. It is really frustrating. HELP! JazzySweet
  6. Atmosphere shaders is checked. Any other ideas anyone? it is driving me nuts looking out the window of my space station and not seeing the stars.
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    I did a clean install of the SL Viewer and also Firestorm. I can get inworld but when I am in my skyboxes I see the sky horizon as a dark and murky void with the sky or stars above it. This is a marked difference and makes it look as if the lower part of the sky is muddy. It looks the same on both the Firestorm and the SL new viewer. When I logged in on an old Phoenix viewer the sky looked normal. Why are the new viewers displaying like this? Is there a fix for this problem? JazzySweet Tone
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