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  1. No one knows the lore on gor. I really wouldn't be surprised If more than half of the Gor sim owners ever even read the books. It's sad really. It really would be enjoyable. Oh well. Hope you find one, because I haven't. lol.
  2. Well I went ahead and just removed the parcel, uniting it back with the entire sim. The traffic now seems to be stuck at 470 and hasnt moved in another day. How often do the traffic counts update? edit: 470 is what the sim was already at, when I went ahead, and added the parcel back into the sim.
  3. Dang 70 views and not even a single reply. Does anyone happen to know if maybe the way traffic is done will ever be fixed or updated in the future as well? Besides the fact it seems rather broke t.t
  4. I had a parcel on my homestead, cut it to make it larger, and my traffic reset to 0 and has not updated in 2 days, even with me and others coming around. Does traffic only record on specific parcel sizes or what? Surely after 2 days it should be higher than 0 as I have friends over often, and freqently. edit: The traffic on the parcel itself reset to 0 - Not the rest of the sim. Also before i added more land to said parcel it had a traffic limit of about 1,000
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