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  1. He had to have known. She was there before I ever was. I was there 3 weeks, and the friend only rezzed the horses a day or two before both lots were emptied. He also had tons of other places he rents. It is what he does. So he was also aware of breedables about the grid. And what about returning rent money that was not used? I don't raise horses, just let a friend let them feed while she found a place for them.I never complained about all the neighbors heavily scripted sex beds affecting the region. Is there that great a difference between scripted sex beds and scripted horses? Or scripted ha
  2. So in other words, the consumer (who is supposed to be considered 'always right' ) is simply SOL. Landowners can simply use and abuse their tenants for no reason whatsoever, and the consumer is to just STFU? Linden Labs will simply turn a blind eye and pretend there is nothing wrong with landowners ripping off honest folks? And if this be true, you are telling me to spend even more money and give it to Linden Labs and to TRUST them to do the right things? If the forum is constantly filled with the same complaints in regards to being ripped off by renting from landowners, why hasn't this pr
  3. Is it common practice for land owners to rent plots of land and the covenant says NO COVENANT RULES as long as it abides by LL rules, and then suddenly ban you from the land & removes all objects because 5 horses were placed when the older neighbor had over 20 horses before I came , and KEEPS the rest of your rent??? Is there a Linden Lab rule that says NO horses can be placed on rental land??? Or is this some typical rental scam that landlords use to gain extra money by taking a month's rent, kicking you out more than a week before the month is even up, without an im or notecard, or verba
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