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  1. Yes I have Java script enabled and no, the TP function would not work when I tried it using Firefox Cant imagine what is wrong. No-one else seems to have this problem. Appreciate your help none the less : )
  2. Alas, the profile button also doesn't work : (
  3. How do u do that with IE.? I cant find anything that looks like that. Internet options is very limited what u can do it seems. At the moment IE is the default browser on my pc,. I tried doing it with Compatibility View (in Tools) but that didn't help.
  4. This is how it goes. I Have the SL browser open in-game. I Type sometning in the search bar at the top R side of the screen and press enter. The search window opens with a list of LMs. I select one and it expands to show more info and 2 buttons - Teleport and Profile. When I click the Teleport button nothing happens. I am not TP'd to that location. Same if I try the Destination Guide, It shows me the options. I select one, it expands but the TP button doesn't work. Very disappointing and frustrating. Thanks anyhow for your interest and taking the time to respond : )
  5. Yes I have that box ticked : ) Thanks. All suggestions gratefully accepted!
  6. I always download the latest SL Viewer (as I did this morning- it is a version 2...something) but that doesn't seem to change my problem. I even go to the trouble of completely removing the old program first before downloading the new one in the hope that the glitch will be eliminated but alas . . it's still there.
  7. When I open the SEARCH window within the game and click on the TP buttpn of a desired location nothing happens. It doesn't work. This has been happening for ages thru several viewer upgrades and it never seems to rectify itself. I would like to know what is wrong and how to fix it. I can Tp from my own LMs in my inventory, and from ppl's PICKS, and from LMs in notecards, and from friend invitations but not from the SEARCH window. This seriously limits my enjoyment of Second Life. Can anyone help, PLEASE??? Tonya
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