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  1. I would say Human is the easiet to play because well... you already know how a Human acts, right? Next easiest would be a humaniod race, say an elf or something, because they are somewhat similar.
  2. Thank you for the compliements! And don't worry about entering any houses by accident, any that you can enter are not locked... and if they are not locked they are not rented. If they are not rented, nobody will mind. The LaRPS system is one of those things that might seem complicated, but really isn't (at least not when playing with it). You just have to learn how the system works. If you need any help just ask any of our admins that are very often online and we will help you through all the steps.
  3. I would say that Chimera should be fine... and it says they have flying ability on the LaRPS.net sample races, however that is only true if they have wings. Remember it can be a wide variety of type of races that fall under this. And don't worry about stats TOO much, they don't make or break the character at all... it's more of what you do with them once they are created.
  4. Yes I would say that is a fair assessment. Alternatively, they could just as well be considered fae... but after looking at the myth of the creature more I would say it probably more belongs in the Chimera catagory. Chimeras would probably include Chimeras (of course), Minotaur, Centar, Saytr, Faun, Manticore, Gryphon, or any other type of similar magical creature that is a mix of other creatures. Also keep in mind that at the moment we are limited to the default races availible because we are a global LaRPS realm. When we become a LaRPS offical game realm (takes about 6 months of running
  5. It will give you a link to go to the LaRPS website to make your character for the first time. After you are done with that it will give you a pin number (or at least at some point of the process it will). You should make a note of this number. If you lost your pin number, you will have to go to another sim where they have a pin retrevier as we have not gotten our pin retrevier yet (nor am I sure when we will get that). If you still are having issues and can't find your pin, you can go here and look for the pin retrevier: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Serenity%20Falls%20Island/227/60/2501
  6. You had problems with the LaRPS hud? You clicked on the box in the entry area? It should give you one without issue. If the box is having a problem I will have to talk to the developer of the system as it is scripted entirely by him. Could it be lag perhaps? At any rate I want to make sure the sim is smooth for anyone trying to start to play there... so if there is a problem let me know and what you are doing what it happens. I will try to get the issue resolved asap! And we DO actually have some NPC monsters that were built using the LaRPS system... we would love to add even more then we
  7. A few more pictures of the sim. :matte-motes-big-grin-wink:
  8. Thank you for the WONDERFUL review. We are happy to hear people are enjoying the sim, and we want nothing more then to bring more to all the roleplayers out there. We worked hard to make the sim as inactive, immersive, and beautiful as possible, even if there isn't many around yet. It is a very new sim, and we recently opened only over a week ago... the traffic is slowly increasing everyday however! Keep coming by people... we hope that soon this will be a very active roleplay sim! On another note, our issues with our old website have been fixed! So you can check out all the information o
  9. We are currently rebuilding the site and the old version was suppose to be online until it was completed, but our host provider is having issues somehow. We have been communitcating with them for a over a day now about it. For the moment we have set it to direct to the new site, however it is under contruction. We apologize for the inconvenience. The SLURL still works.. and the sim is online and complete.
  10. Yes we are still active and actually opened not long ago. Unforunately we are currently having problems with our website provider. Please hang in there, we'll have it back on line as soon as possible. I'm one of the admins and builder on the sim, and we are still looking for players to come by. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask.
  11. Hi everyone! I just wanted to let the role play community know that we have opened a new, high quality, fantasy medieval roleplay sim. It is called Darkmoon Isle and is set on a mystical shrouded isle with influances coming from Norse and Celtic cultures... and is partly centered around witchcraft. We also have rentals avaible for housing and shops (and in the skybox for SL vendors), but if you don't have much L$ you can still find someplace to sleep by using roleplay money. We use the LaRPS system (like Legacies did, for those of you who know of it) and it allows for both deep roleplay, but a
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