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  1. Linden didn t give me a reason about why they close my account , just ask me to recive information about my age, they didn t told me if i was reported or not, specialy i did age verification 4 mounth ago, but strange, i found this problem happend to many friends from my city too, and what can i tell u more, they disable my account with out any warning, and after i submit ticket , open this blog and one friend from usa call linden, they didn t told me anything.
  2. Thanks all who answer me and try to help me here, my problem was resolved, was about age verification, and now i have my original account back, thanks again
  3. yes, i send, but still nothing i wonder if i will have an answer
  4. how strange can be?? i spoke whit my rl friend today, and surprise, her account was disable by linden lab too, again without warning or something , she lives in the same city like me, maybe linden disable many accounts from a country??????
  5. yes, i did 4 mounts ago, i have a land with my partener in mature land
  6. i cant understand why is disable, i didn t do anything wrong, i respect pg lands, and people arround me, what i did for my account to be disable??
  7. i didn t come in Sl from 4 days, and when i come back on 4th january i discover my account was disable by linden lab without warning or explication. i submit a ticket, no answer from they, and i spend alot of money on my accout, i don t want to lose my account, specialy i am partered in SL, my disable account name is Nicolle Dirval, i let my name here maybe some one from linden lab can explain me what happend, thanks
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