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  1. My ticket was dealt with in record time (thank you LL!). He reset my adult verification settings, and suggested I remove all my attachments, then log out and in. I did that and it worked! Thanks for the suggestions, Ellla -- you were spot on!. :-)
  2. Ellla, here's a SLURL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Viana%20Islands%20E/203/165/646 and error msg: Could not teleport. Sorry, but the system was unable to complete your teleport request in a timely fashion. Please try again in a few minutes. The corrupted files seem a likely candidate -- I'll try that next. Thanks!
  3. Thanks Ellla, but this has to be viewer related. I visited all of these clubs the day before, and I was age verified months ago, and re- age verified last night to be sure. I did put a ticket in last night, but since I don't have concierge level support any more, and got rid of my Premium account, I'm not holding out high hopes for it to get responded to, any time soon ;-( Is there an alternative viewer someone can recommend? I'd go that way too, if I need to.
  4. Since I downloaded the new mandatory viewer yesterday, I've been unable to TP to adult sims -- PG sims work fine. I checked that I have Adult, Mature & PG checked in my preferences, then went back and even re-validated my adult status, even though I'd done that months ago.What could possibly be going on here??? Help!!! (and thanks!) Bambi Sigall
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