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  1. I have the same problem. I am adult verified, age verified, Payment Info on File, have set preferences to include Adult content and have been a resident of SL since 2006, and yet still cannot access parcels where the land-owners have restricted access to age verified residents. However, I have been able to access everywhere in Zindra that I've tried so far. This must be a bug in the program that checks age verification, either when the verification is first done, or when it does the check at the time of access. It would be useful if we could check on our Second Life account page whether age verification has been set correctly or not. With regard to comments about whether it's a payment info problem or avatar age, etc. the message that you receive when you try to go on land with the various access restrictions is generated within the system, and is very specific about the reason for restricting your access to the parcel. You can check your age verification status here: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Concinna/154/38/32. PS. I went through the age verification process again this afternoon, successfully as before, and after re-logging, went back to the above-mentioned landmark to check the message that it gave me so that I could put it in my post. Surprise, surprise, this time I had no problems! I was accepted as being age verified! I'll check again tomorrow just to make sure that my status doesn't revert back in the meantime, but hopefully it will be fine.
  2. What exactly is the purpose of age verification? I was under the impression that the concept was developed for Zindra and other "Adult" land, to ensure that only adults could access those areas. But, it seems that this is not the case. Access to Adult areas only requires Adult Verification, and is therefore only marginally tighter than access to the rest of SL, as it is easy to have Payment Info on File using a PayPal account, even if you are underage. Age verification, on the other hand, does not seem to be used by LL at all, but is rather for the use of land-owners who wish to restrict their land beyond the restrictions already set by Linden Lab. I find it rather frustrating because I am both Adult verified and Age-verified, and although I can access any part of Zindra that I've tried, I still can't access land that land-owners have set to Age Verified, for some reason, even though it is sometimes in a "Mature" area rather than an "Adult" area.
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