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  1. Chileeee, i have met tons of people in-world that I knew or was familiar with in real life (vise versa). It can definitely get/become awkward depending on how you live/lead your second life. I was never secretive or super private with my BTA (behind the avatar) pictures that I post in my 1st life section on my profile as well as my second life Instagram page (@AdrianHilfigerr). As a result, people do spectate your profile out of curiosity and those same people that recognized my RL pictures would inbox me like "OMGG I KNOW YOU IN RL!!" or "OMG I DID NOT KNOW YOU PLAYED THIS GAME ASWELL!" and that's honestly the beauty of it all, that Second life is very diverse and can touch people from many walks of life (ppl that you wouldn't even think play second life or expect to play second life) which is why it is very important to carry yourself with RL mannerisms. I've even had a college professor once in college who spoke of Second Life and mentioned having an account.
  2. I wouldn't classify this as "Racism" due to the fact that Vampires do not belong to a cultural or ethnical group, they are rather creatures. Also, sadly this doesn't violate any of second life's TOS or any rules and regulations. If the sim owner has a preference to not allow vampires, furry's or animal characters on his or her sim, that's just his or her regulations and neither would classify as "racist". The only way you can go around this is per say, change your avatar temporarily or like others stated simply create an ALT who doesn't have vampire huds or aesthetics and gift yourself the gift. It's kind of silly and I do believe that everyone should be able to experience free speech and free expression in second life. It shouldn't matter if you are an alien or monkey, however from my knowledge there were vampires years ago who weren't following regulations and it basically turned into a few bad eggs spoiling the whole dozen.
  3. I was wondering if it was possible to buy a prepaid CREDIT card ($5, $10, $25) and when set up through paypal is it possible to purchase your Lindens through PayPal? I see a lot of forums about Second Life not accepting prepaid credit cards but with through PayPal why wouldn't it work? It sounds like it should but I don't want to take a risk and have a prepaid credit card with nothing to spend it on.
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