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  1. This week, the contest will also be featured in the Rough Giraffe newsletter, so keep your eyes open and get a copy in world from Grace Jovinavic or GypsyCatRider Tenk Awesome contest and it's free to vote... YAY
  2. The Rough Giraffe is a weekly newsletter in SL. We discuss all subjects having to do with music in SL. From featuring clubs, to reviewing events, to new performers. Yes, we do it all. For our readers, every week we include a contest with the chance of winning 1,000 L$. The contests are various and very simple. Usually they won't take more then 5 minutes of your time. Make sure to check it out and you migh walk away with some extra cash. http://slurl.com/secondlife/WideWorld%20Cove/213/60/23 Happy Giraffin Grace Jovinavic
  3. I agree with Freddy that the lag is often very seriously. However, I don't feel that people will stop bothering to listen. If you see how many people are involved in the music scene, this is the thing people all over the world want. And if SL doesn't get it's act together and finds a way to fix the instability issues, people will find a different place to do just what they're doing on SL right now.
  4. The Rough Giraffe is a newsletter on everything having to do with music in Second Life. Every week on monday we bring out a newsletter in world with features on clubs, dj's, venues, performers and even hosts. We also travel around the grid finding places to review and bring that message to the people in Second Life looking to have a good time. Stay tuned to see what's going to happen this week. Ask GypsyCatRider Tenk or Grace Jovinavic in world for a copy of your newsletter! Grace
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