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  1. I think my biggest peeve is no LI listed for furnishings/accessories on Marketplace. I love, love the "FaMESHed" event, but ALL of the furniture/accessories have a "0" LI if you put them into 'Edit' to see. I keep track of my LI count, and not having that available keeps me from buying things or using certain ones I've bought that end up having a HIGH LI count.... Example: I have a chair with a 2LI count, saw one JUST LIKE IT with a 12LI count (same animations). PLEASE creators, list the LI count of your items, in world and especially on Marketplace... PLEASE..
  2. I've been having the same problem for 2 days now.. Cannot purchase anything, says the same thing, there's a problem, keep shopping.. HELP.. please...
  3. The eyes look like some from Dulce Secrets, upstairs, in a grey color, not blue.. The have beautiful eyes from realistic to fantasy at VERY reasonable prices.. Also, they may be mesh on full bright to give them that ethereal look, very 'vampire-ish'..
  4. Thank you for the info, I truly appreciate your help in understanding a bit more about mesh.. A few years ago, I took a break from SL for about 2+ years. When I came back, there as all this new clothing stuff called "mesh".. wtf? And of course, no simple way of finding out what the heck it was and how it works.. Well, until I got the list of 'common measurements' for the different sizes, and after tweaking my shape (yes, I bitched about it, but in the end it didn't change my body look that much, except for more 'butt' than I had ever cared for), and thankfully, some sweet person I didn't even know, took pity and explained what the alphas, differing sizes, 'fit mesh' (awesome idea btw), etc. were for.. Until then, I HATED mesh clothing.. Now mesh hair? Oh hell yeah, LOVE it.. Anyway, there are still some little glitches with mesh clothing that can be irritating, like cutting through in certain poses or sits, having feet and ankles showing but no leg above it (while in certain animations).. But now, going back to a lot of my old favorite 'system' outfits, some look SO dated, they get deleted because I know I won't wear them again (if they are 'transfer' they go into a "Newbie Folder" that I can give away to someone to help them out, like someone helped me almost 10 years ago).. Sexy undies and lingerie in mesh are a real cause of "darn it!", because most of the best ones are only for mesh bodies.. Maybe someday I will go with a mesh body, a lot of people were reluctant to give up their flexi-prims, and in some things, like belly dance skirts, they are still a necessity of things don't flow and move right.. Well, I think I've beat this poor dead horse enough.. For now, I'll have to keep checking back with Carol G, maybe another NC requesting Classic AVI consideration (I REALLY want some of the new releases, particular the Henna and the soft colored roses collection *sigh* ).. Thank you to everyone that had been sympathetic and understanding, AND helpful..
  5. Wow.. And that is exactly the attitude I'm talking about.. The quote above, making me sound so very selfish and horrible, is out of line, and another "quit your bitching and just get a mesh body" type of response.. All I'm asking is for creators not to forget their 'Classic" body customers that they USED to create for.. It's not just *I* in my concerns. There are a LOT of "Classic" AVIs out there that are just as disappointed in this trend as I am. The creators doing this are losing those customers because of it.. And I HAVE written to some of them, asking as nicely as possible if they would consider making a particular item (that is mesh compatible only) in a "Classic" AVI version.. Some have been apologetic about it, but still not willing to do it.. And some have been down-right rude and insulting.. I don't get crappy with creators, what's the point of that? I try very hard to be polite and complimentary even when their responses have been less that polite... I have a lot of Classic outfits that I still love and wear, going Mesh, makes those awesome outfits useless.. (unless I can leave my Classic body showing under a mesh body, as was suggested by "angeoco" regarding mesh feet and hands..) Thank you for that suggestion.. Gives me some new things to consider.. Granted, I don't know a lot about mesh bodies and how they work, but there's a lot of talk about "complexity numbers" (?) and some bodies/feet/hands/heads, adding a tremendous amount.. I have NO idea if this is true or not, but if it is, why wear the mesh item and have the complexity jump so high, people can't see you?? Kind of defeats the purpose.. *sigh*.. All I'm asking is for creators not to forget or dismiss those of us that are still "Classic", especially those that *used* to include us in their creations.. . Why is that so wrong? And why does that request elicit such venom in responses or comments from *some* people? to those that have been helpful, polite and understanding in their responses, THANK YOU..
  6. This has been an interesting thread, to be able to read about the issues for those wearing or trying to create for mesh bodies.. However, I am one of those that have refused to go with a mesh body. I'm still "flesh not mesh", although I'm considering going with mesh feet and Bento hands ( but there go all my rings I'd no longer be able to wear).. I don't see the point of mesh bodies, and I'm not eager to give up the 'classic' body and face shape I've worked so hard on creating for my main AVI.. I spent HOURS on a pose stand, tweaking everything.. The same goes for my ALT (both of them).. But now, my complaint and/or suggestion to creators is, "Don't forget your "Classic" customer base." My favorite tattoo creator (Carol G) no longer creates her beautiful and very feminine tattoos for "Standard" or "Classic" SL bodies. Shame too, because I'd be spending a lot of money on her new releases, but *I (& my ALTs) CAN'T WEAR THEM!!!*.. Unfortunately, a lot of amazing and favorite clothing and makeup creators are going the same route, making clothing or makeup for every mesh body and (specifically) Catwa head out there, but completely dissing and ignoring their "Classic" body/head customers.. It's sad really, and a bit infuriating.. I'll see something on MP or in-world that I'd click that "buy" button SO fast on, only to see it isn't made for "Classic" AVIs.. Don't get me wrong here, I LOVE mesh clothing, but I DON'T love feeling like I'm being FORCED into considering a mesh body and/or head when I really don't want one just so I can wear that beautiful or cute outfit or that amazing makeup.. And yes as someone posted in this thread, the responses when I write to a creator asking about making their items available for "Classic" bodies, is rude bordering on insulting (IF they bother to answer at all).. "To create clothing for Standard bodies, we have to make at least 5 versions of the same thing, alphas, etc. that takes too much time. Get a mesh body and solve your problem that way.".. Really?.. So those of us that still have & PREFER Classic/Standard bodies are 3rd class customers now??? Our $Ls spend just as well as those with Mesh bodies and we should not be dismissed, ignored or insulted because we chose to stay 'flesh not mesh'..
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