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  1. 16 meters holosphere LOL Thanks
  2. Hello. I have a question about SL rules and good neighbor behavour. I have this 512 sqm parcel on mainland, and I placed this 100m holosphere above 3000 meters. Although sphere's coordinates are over my land, so technically it is over my land, obviously it hangs over neighbor land. I chose 3000m altitude hoping none of my neighbors would have problem with it. But I was wrong I discovered that one of my neighbors placed ugly purple cube over his property which sticks into the sphere and of course screws up the whole experience. I talked to the neighbor, but he sticks to the point that he can put anything he wants on his property and I should not have this sphere hanging over his land in the first place. I wonder what people think about this, who is right and who is wrong, and whether LL can help me here, or I really should remove the sphere ? Thanks. Erik
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