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  1. I haven't seen any of them in my messages when I log in. I know in the past I've gotten that message when things we're returned. That's why it baffled me.
  2. I have turned on the property lines. They're inside, and to make sure, I just made them 63x31 and centered on the parcel by coordinates. There is only one person that has the ability to return, so I may turn that off temporarily to see if it resolves. 🤔
  3. Hi, not sure if there's a way to tell or not, but someone keeps returning my privacy panels from my mainland parcel. They're not over the parcel lines, they're transparent on the outside, and they're phantomed so people don't get stuck flying in them. This is the third time in a month they've been returned. I think it's a neighbor who got grumpy when I returned her waterfalls she tossed out onto my parcel and left there for days, but I have no way to be sure. Any info would be awesome. Thanks
  4. So earlier yesterday, I popped into SL Viewer (latest), and headed over to a cam sim to shop at Blueberry. It was packed and took a long time to load graphics / items / avatars. Graphics were loading in weird places - like avatar skins were loading on prims, avatar profile pictures were loading on vendors... I cleared the cache and rebooted my laptop and it cleared up. I didn't think much of it; I shopped and left. However, ever since, any time I log into SL, I'm getting weird issues with textures refusing to load. Instead of being jumbled and out of place, I'm getting this weird pixilated replacement thing. It's on random prims, and it's happening every time I log into SL now. I've checked my graphics card; the driver is updated. My graphics view on SL is set to "MID"... what else do I need to do? Edited to add: I uninstalled and reinstalled SL viewer. No improvement. I tried Firestorm and it's not doing it in that browser.
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