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  1. On 7/3/2022 at 12:06 PM, Lindal Kidd said:

    Most of the popular heads fit most of the popular bodies. And all of them have demos so that you can check before you buy.

    Right now, the best deal I know of is the free "Strong" head from Genus Project. Genus has a couple of quirks and bugs, but it IS a full-featured head, and it's free.

    However, people need to realize that just because you have a mesh body, doesn't mean that you must run out and buy a mesh head. With careful use of the appearance sliders, it's not that hard to create a very pretty classic head. This not only saves you a ton of money, but it's simply a lot easier to use...there's no need to learn another (or in some cases multiple) new HUDs, and many less attachments to wear. (There's not only the head itself, but eyes, ears, tongue, teeth...)

    I avoided mesh heads for years, because of the complexity and expense, but also because I'd have to completely re-work my shape and was quite fond of the appearance I'd created.

    My main avatar has he classic head.  I started SL in 2007 so my old head stayed the same.  No chance any $$mesh head would look like that.  And my avatar looks awesome.  But I had to buy Maitreya because yes, 99% of stores has clothes for that brand...

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  2. The thing is, someone spammed a group chat selling a gacha hair outside official channels.

    Then that person wrote me a personal message with same copy pasted info.

    All I could find about it was disturbing the peace / repetitive spam (since was spamming the group chat + myself and probably many groups and residents) but nothing about selling outside marketplace or inworld.

    It could very well be fraud but when i read about it, it really didn't apply.. 

    Not so long ago someone was complaining because was scammed that way.  Those are new to the game and unless we oldies are aware of this scammers (I assumed it was) and report or leave a message in any group chat that are doing this, people are going to have a really bad time on the game...

  3. 8 hours ago, Gage Wirefly said:

    This also happens in Windows when there has been a system update applied, whether in the background or otherwise. I've experienced it and have seen others talk about it in FS support.

    This could have happened on Black dragon because I was playing with that viewer, but I guess It could be true with it too

  4. 21 hours ago, Moira Timmerman said:

    If you generally don't have to type in your passwords, then you may have just mistyped it.  I don't save my passwords, and even though I type them in everyday, sometimes my fingers apparently can mistype it several times in a row, until I slow down and really look at what I'm doing. 

    Well, that's the first thing one can think of regarding this issue.. No matter how many times, the password didn't get trough

  5. 6 minutes ago, Madelaine McMasters said:

    This happens whenever my home network goes down. It could be that the viewer tosses the stored username/password sets when it detects a change in network address, as some sort of precaution against hacking.

    Oh, interesting.. So it could be that I was logged out because a failure in my internet, and than what you said.. Never happened to me before.. I thought It was a hacking attempt  😅
    But it was kind of weird that I couldn't use my password anywhere...

  6. Well I was in Black Dragon in the middle of a hunt.. Looked away for a minute and I was disconnected.  Happens sometimes, no bid deal.. Closed the viewer but when I tried to connect again and was weird because it said that my password and or name were incorrect...
    Then I tried on Firestorm and i got this message:1032181849_cantlogin.thumb.png.8a2ab875445b62576717eb757ff0e7b3.png

    All my accounts were erased (as you see it says: "username" instead of the last avatar used.  So I freak out.. Went to log in here and couldn't.. I tried another account and I could.  So then I tried to change my password and now it's all good, I could log in successfully.. but the question remains: wtf happened?? (since I can't understand that message, maybe because I'm in paranoid mode)

  7. On 9/1/2020 at 2:28 PM, Josephine Carissa said:

    Greetings Elisa,

    I found this on MP its a whole AO, (hope this helps you).


    Best Regards,


    Hello, thank you for your response.. I was looking for fairy AO or just one stand

    On 9/2/2020 at 7:33 AM, TillyScreams said:

    You could potentially use your AO's hover animations in place of stands? Lots of these bob up and down a bit, so would give some movement to your character.

    That's something I didn't thought about!, I'll try! Thank you!

  8. Hi!
    I was looking, as the title say: a non static fairy stand.

    I really need something CHEAP or freebie/dollarbie because it is for a couple of hours, I actually don't play as a fairy, and since I hardly have lindens, I don't want to invest much in it.. (like 10 lindens is too much)

    I have got around 10 stands, but they are static, so my avie looks like a robot changing from one to another using the built in AO from Firestorm. At the marketplace there is no AO or stand as I'm looking for.

    Any fairies around that can do some magic with information?

    Thank you.

  9. On 7/26/2020 at 3:16 PM, NicoleSartre1 said:

    We are hoping this is simply lack of awareness, on our part

    No, it is not.

    Everyone wants your money.

    Most people making stuff, even tho they have many fans and expensive stuff, they aren't professionals, so, what do you get out of that:

    • You feel you are the problem.  It is not that stuff is difficult to understand, you think it is you.
    • High complexity, but if you aren't interested in this, you go for the pretty and then wonder why nobody can see you or things are laggy, and lag everyone else, even at events.
    • Deficient objects that worth a lot but are broken, like an expensive head I got long ago: incredibly beautiful but, even tho it is bento, it has their animations wrong, among other things, and still has, because the creator decided to not make heads anymore.  Some still didn't get the animation thing, or don't care.
    • You think because everyone buy mesh heads you must too.
    • You think because everyone buy that specific mesh head, you have to (why not? a lot of flies can't be wrong if they are flying around sh*t)  Don't be one more fly.
    • You might enter in the vicious capitalist circle where SL turns into a virtual shopping mall for your avatar without realizing it.
    • You loose a lot of your time because you need to learn anew everytime you buy something, almost take a course, read forums, watch videos, read blogs, ask questions and wait for somebody to answer it.  Maybe somebody will. Or maybe the head is faulty in the first place and they wont tell you.. they will be beating around the bush with an answer.. until enough info, you got the idea (if you are lucky, maybe you get nothing from the creator)
    • You spent a lot of money for a mesh head/body and realize some of the sliders are off.  You can´t achieve the look you want.  That's because I still have my default head for my main avie and I love it. The others doesn't have what you say about "established, unique, appearances which had become synonymous with our individual characters" If you buy a mesh head you will look like the other like you have lost a twin sibling and think you recognized him/her walking past you.  That is true to default heads, but I didn't had to pay anything for it, and have all the sliders activated.
    • Don't get me started about the appliers..  Thank god BOM is here.
    • Ignorant and stupid people will think you are awful because you still got a default body, or just the head.  That is not savvy, that's ignorant and snob.
    • And you realize NOTHING is standard anymore, people think they have the ultimate idea to make an item, a HUD, and LL doesn't care because they can't do a system avatar with low complexity and beautiful (I was lucky enough to get Ariadna from Kalhene, and I must say, it is the best free avie.. until somebody didn't like that) 
    • You start the game and make an account, and think "those are two beautiful avatars on the poster!" but then you realize you are a polygon mess and your feet melt in the ground, nothing like in the picture!, so why don't LL make an avie like Ariadna and let that and a couple more shapes be the standard?  Ask LL. Or empty your credit card trying to "look awesome".
    • And of course, if you badmouth (aka: say what you know feel and learn) about these faults, you are a bad person because you can't talk badly about "creators"

    avatares de LL.png

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  10. Well.. you have to admit you wanted to look super young in an adult body, and possibly, show it off here in these forums.  If You took that face, change the hair, and do a more child like body, it wouldn't be weird.

    Skin goes a long way.

    Either way.. at most you look 18 years old, and not furry at all..

    And of course, I agree with most that said it is their sim, they can do whatever.

  11. 7 hours ago, Laurel Aurelia said:

    For moving hands I know I have some animations from Go & See and I think Oracul  that are typing overrides. My absolute fave is the one that comes with vista animations  body animators that is unfortunately not sold seperately I don't think. If you are looking for facial animators, Vista makes one that is just for the face that you can demo . It's expensive (I don't own it), but it seems well made. I do have the Happy Dispatch hud as well that has a face ao and also pretty great for making pictures. It also can be demo'd in world. 

    I know a few of  Vista's newer bento aos also include a bit of facial movement too so check those out too. 

    I'll check out Vista..

    Mostly, I wanted hand/arms movements, like when we usually talk (for when I'm doing voice talk) so I don't look like a robot

  12. I was looking for an AO or non static pose to complement my voice talk so that I don't look like a robot.

    I don't know if it exists, but I wanted to work even if I'm seated, moving hands and arms naturally like when you talk.  It could be an entire AO or just a pose, that work with my base AO (I'm looking on doing an AO with Firestorm), and maybe, some movement on my face (like arching of my eyebrows)

    I'm using mesh body + default head and mesh head (AK and Fiore Alura.  I have Genus but they have ongoing defects on their animations)


    I'm not an expert on this  😅

    Thank you!



  13. On 7/6/2020 at 5:05 PM, BeautifulXu said:

    this thread is worth bumping  up!


    After all this time, I must report that when i saw the Alura heads from Fiore, I was immediatelly in love. 

    When I came back full time again to SL this year, I wanted to go to Fiore once more to look for a mesh head for my african avie.  Then I knew Fiore decided to stop the mesh heads production and be active on clothes.  It is sad, because those were the most original heads I saw on the market. 

    Is not my idea to spend money in a head that you can only modify some sliders up.. unless it is super cheap or free.  20 dollars for something that looks like the next is not ideal.  But seeing Fiore heads (not common then and of course now) walking around is nice because they are beautiful heads to look at.  They can be of any ethnicity.  Hence, my preference for my african build.  I walked around and cam around at the store full of clothes and I saw a little room with all the hairs and some skins... and up there, there were the head and the skin. I was super happy! Because some appliers were only demoed on demo head (for some reason), so I took one copy.

    But I didn't buy a head because they have no support, no creators doing stuff anymore (I bought an applier in Boataom, beautiful and cheap.   It realy made a different look) and at least with the version I have, It has a lot of technical issues that 1kL makes it no worth it...  Iwish they make a comeback...

    SL17B Shop & hop - Haru


  14. On 7/9/2020 at 9:05 PM, Prokofy Neva said:

    My third thought was: why the emphasis on Tilia, money. licensing etc when it's supposed to be about virtual content creation? Or maybe those are the same thing, essentially.

    Instead of wondering in a user created world, most people shop for their digital dolls.  Too much money for digital stuff are charged, and people love to spend 20 dollars in a head, for example (or more than one)

    money money money

  15. 4 hours ago, Blaise Glendevon said:

    I've been on the same account since 2010, and the same corresponding Flickr account. I've been thinking about starting an alt that doesn't have any associations with Blaise. But the one-two punch of not having my expansive inventory and having to set up a whole new mesh head/body situation (after slowly accruing cabinets of heads and closets of headless bodies) and a small capsule wardrobe is just EXHAUSTING. 

    For those of you who have alts, what is the bare minimum of outfits/makeups/jewelry you've been able to start with? What are the crucial accessory pieces? I will challenge myself to restrict this account to one body and one head, to be determined. Send prayers. 

    I started to count and I think they are too much: I have 5 alts.

    And it IS too much work and time.  I can say now things are easy because good creators are giving away stuff for free, even bodies that are amazing and can wear maitreya clothes with no problem at all (I'm talking about Ariadna from Kalhene, but unfortunately, she also received a DMCA the other day, so maybe because it was a success...)

    Even so.. in an event you have to go with the avie to the places so it can have a nice wardrobe... it takes time...



    Yes, I thought about "too much work... I should have had a neat inventory and separate with folders between looks/avatars -like "my japanese avie, my african avie, my girl avie, my furry, etc" but ... I feel safe because if something happens with my main, I still have the others...

    So if you feel it is a bother you can revamp your old avie...


    At the end, it will be a matter of what is your necessity... It will take less time to have an all in one, but everything has its advantages and disadvantages...

    Why would you want an alt? What kind of RP you want for it? Do you feel it is work? if so, why would you want to do it?

    Take it easy, and just enjoy and play.

  16. On 6/29/2020 at 5:18 PM, Prokofy Neva said:

    The Shop and Hop, which I have come to think of as the Drop and Hop, as you CRAAAAAWL like a sleepy fly in molasses throughout the whole thing, could be far less laggy than it is, and it is not due to 40 avatars on a sim. The build itself and the lack of rules enforcement is at least in part to blame.

    Since I know there's a certain cadre on the forums that disputes anything I say, and an overlapping cadre that rejects anything critical of the beloved Moles, I'll address this one over their heads in the hopes that Moles, who I find far more receptive than their fan base, might hear this.

    Events in SL are laggy. This is a given. We all know the recipes to make them less laggy, starting with ourselves -- remove all the attachments and bling that make rendering hard. And turn off the view of avatars, and for that matter, other things (surface patch) to reduce lag for yourself.

    But we also know that all kinds of things can be done to optimize a heavy-use sim. It's done all the time. Huge events recently like Fantasy Faire, Relay for Life, Home & Garden Expo Design Contest, and the SL 17th Birthday all had strict rules for lightening sim loads.

    At Fantasy Faire, which I was fortunate to take part in for the first time this year as a small merchant, has very strict rules that are vigorously enforced. A matron comes around and looks over EVERY SINGLE THING on your lot. Does it violate copyright? Has a script been removed? Is it on topic? But wait, are you SURE you took the script out of that lamp/candle/glowy thing. Then they come around AGAIN. They start with a set of rules (no 1024 textures, take out scripts, take off light, etc.) and they enforce them -- and it works.

    And please don't tell me FF has less of a load than Shop 'N Hop. FF has MORE. It has far, far more elaborate builds. More avatars. And way more vendors, as it has lots of shop vendors plus the RFL vendors. It has more shops per sim in some cases, and events on those same sims.

    But if you feel as if you must argue about FF or any other big event as being "less" than Shop 'n Hop, then look at SL17B. Yes, SL17B do not always have as many people per sim, but even event-packed sims are not as laggy as Shop 'n Hop.

    Because at SL17B -- same set of rules as FF or any other big event, Linden-sponsored or not. Take out scripts -- and then take out MORE scripts. Put everything on "phantom" so there are no collisions. Lindens or Moles come and check and tell you to reduce, and reduce some more. And check AGAIN. You keep whittling and battling til you get down below their norm, which is I believe 0.06 script time per parcel (and below .01 per item). Much of the work of your build comes in doing this paring of prims and scripts and optimizing things.

    I don't think this is being done with anywhere near the scrupulousness of other Linden-sponsored or Linden-facilitated events at Shop 'n Hop.

    I see merchants that have not removed obvious scripts from lamps and other lit things -- and they don't need them to be there in a sample as they have vendors. I don't know how you tell whether a texture is at 512 or 1024 (I'd love to know if there is  a test) -- but persistent grey squares may indicate that.

    More to the point, which is easier to police in a way, is the Moles' build. Now, I realize this is a very awesome and beloved build. It looks like Midtown Plaza, the first mall in Rochester, NY, which we used to go to as teenagers in the 1970s and buy things called "records" at "record stores" (which later my daughter called "Those big CDs you have in the closet"). Midtown Plaza -- with the same swirly arches and rounded effects and hanging plants and pools and more plants was torn down a few years ago because not only was it expensive to heat in the winter and cool in the summer, stores were dying due to the Internet.

    So here we all are on the Internet, and the thought is, "Let's re-create virtually that fabulous 1970s mall experience that Prok and other teens buying record and posters and beads in head shops look upon so nostalgically".

    Except this build is not only a lag monster, in my view, it's an avatar trap. Most of the time when I just click on a sim, I land under the build or trapped by the benches and pools, unable to break away easily. There is no need for all those pools and benches. No one sits at them. Ever. They fight their way FROM them. ONE per sim would be plenty.

    The hanging plants have lights in them, for example:  0.01331 ms, 1792 KB, (28/28) : Gleaming Hedge E2

    I flew around with my Xoph script sensor and that was just one of the high script time lit things I saw that could have been removed. In fact the entire overhanging plant-filled mall could go. 

    A lot of the big events merchants have  finally changed their big, avatar-trapping, elaborate builds. Remember We ❤️ RP's old medieval town builds? You had to DRAAAAG yourself through these wending dirt roads past dark medieval pubs and fences and stalls and castles that made the whole experience dark and depressing. You could never find the thing you were looking for. You would grind away at it, trying to cam, and give up. Finally the owners realized this cost them sales, they ditched all that stuff, and made a spacious, clean round building with simple stalls which is 10 times easier to navigate, find what you want, buy, browse, and get out without torture. Same with Sanarae, even Shiny Shabby -- all of them have ditched their elaborate builds in favour of builds that reduce lag and therefore increase sales. After all, if you want to go look at a build, you can go to a Destination or some romantic spot, you don't need to go to a laggy event you can't even see. Arcade put the entire thing on a pier. I think it would make sense to put Shop 'n Hop on a pier with no ceiling, no plants, no impediments, and take out all the scripts possible.

    I realize that Soviet-style gigantism, or for that matter, 1950s American recreational gigantism, styles that Moles like other virtual architects fall back on because they are lacking in other models for the masses they wish to bring, dies very hard out of the repetoire. But it must. Merchants work hard to set up their stores, they give away gifts, they set things at half price, they take a loss, and while they can do what they should to reduce lag -- and rules should be enforced with them as much as they are for SL17B or other events -- the build itself has to change.

    Yes, I realize you can wait until the first very laggy days die down. Duh. It does last a month. But I'm talking about going there *yesterday* or *today* when it has 13 or 18 avatars per sim, and it is still grindingly slow. It doesn't have to be this way.


    Thank you for doing a rant post about this.
    While it is true what you say, I think the big issue here is avatar complexity.
    I went to places that were impossible to go around only days after opening, and then a week or 2 later.  Not so many avatars, and really not laggy at all, and all the buildings around me rezzing in orderly manner. 

    People need to understand avatar complexity.  If you are heavy, no one will be seeing you.  NO ONE.  I will derender you immediately.  If you are obscene about it, I might derender you permanently. Many will lower graphics so you will be a jelly doll or a pixelated green/brown/violet figure.

    So stop going to events wearing more than 50k complexity.  And wear textured panties if you find impossible to hide your vag and ***** with an alpha.  Texture clothes are here and thanx god for that.

  17. I must say something. 

    Everyone, I think, have their voice.  And with respect, saying what you believe, it is OK.  


    Lord Jamal, a rapper, say he doesn't believe in BLM because it is a pre organized movement to control people (just an extract of all he said)
    And I've been watching Bret Weinstein on his podcast.
    I'm sure a lot more serious and educated people have a lot to say about it, around internet.

    No person alive in USA lived as a slave.  But sure are slaves in some parts of this world.  Researching about all that, for me, means awoke, unless, you care about what the trending movements are saying, the extremist ones, and only in your country. 

    Black people can be free and have money and do what they want and like. 

    Being white, I've never felt privilege, and I know what bullying is, because I've been a victim even as an adult (by the way, talking about racism, was a native american, and I didn't take it as "I'm white and I'm being discriminated".  I know the difference).


    I watched live The Second Life Book Club with Draxtor, when he invited LL McKinney, and she said:

    "I think people need to comprehend the difference between fault and responsibility.  It's not your fault (slavery) but it's you're responsible for that legacy, because you are the legacy, like it or not.  I'm a descendant of slaves, whether I like it or not.  And if you are not the descendant of the people who enslave my people, you're a descendant of the people who put into place a society that benefits from that....."

    I made my comment saying: "I don't believe that, I'm not responsible", something along the lines.  With respect.  And not only YouTube bury my comment by the algorithms, not being visible by others, but now I've found that my comment was deleted.

    So, like, it is a book club.. and that censorship reminds me of Fahrenheit 451, The Handmaid's Club (they burned books too), because they are censoring and silencing people.
    And it is sad because I find Second Life as a part of something that I really like, I find joy, I even find friends (not longer playing) and thanks to one of them I met my boyfriend, so important to me.   I invested a lot of my time into.  I even make videos about it to help people and to come and enjoy this game.  So it is so sad that some dude censor my voice.  Ebbe Linden is so pro BLM and I consider that extremist movement ridiculous and and left-wing fascist, but I wouldn't censor anyone with different thoughts.  They are doing just the same they are complaining about.

    I wish nobody censor or bully this.




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