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  1. I know there's two present day "WoD" sims out there. One still being worked on. Nocturne and Sanguine Sands. Sanguine Sands is still being worked on, but I think they allow people to go ahead and rp there, not entirely sure though.
  2. I feel like the best option is to just gather some people who want to play a Romani family/clan and go apply to an rp sim that fits what you're wanting to do. I would just try to do your research on the romani and try to do them justice. Which btw, "Gypsy" is a slur, so keep that in mind when you roleplay a romani and decide how they will react to being called such. I should add, not ALL romani see Gypsy as a slur/insult. Research is your friend. -nods-
  3. Are child avatars allowed? I know a few that would be interested if that's even a possibility. Thanks!
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