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  1. I take a snapshot on SL and post it to my feed but it says i don't have permission to view the picture and i can not see it hat do i do? TIA
  2. heels thT have the color hud idk there is a glow to them polzz help il post pic if i have to
  3. i have gimp 2 and i want to make Neko Ears for myself plz help thanks templates and other stuff
  4. she hadent played in a while do to rl and she wants to play but it says her account has been suspended and shes not sure why what should i tell her to do she cant even sign onto sl.com thanks everyone who helps :cathappy:
  5. I've looked and I've found ways to make a script but I'm not sure how to make a HUD that I can put all my gestures into it and it show up on my screen so I can click it and play the sound with the text in local...I don't do the dancing ones just the text and sound if anyone could help that would be AWESOME!!! Thanks Foxxy Paige
  6. I use gimp i see things on how to do it with photoshop but not gimp id LOVE to learn :catvery-happy:
  7. I have used alot of viewers and i cant seem to log on all the way it will go to logging in region then it will freeze
  8. Hi i know i ask to many ?'s but when i downloaded phoenix viewer i double click it it says detecting hardware then it says shutting down o.O i dunno what to do >..> THANKS YOU ------------------------- so i decided to log onto an alt and it worked i was able to get on but with paige its still water
  9. all i see is water and no groups..no one can IM me or see my IM's what do i do i used singularity im going to try phoenix ty
  10. Where is the Skins on Catznip? i know u can go into preferences n find it on other viewers but not this one
  11. When I use Firestorm-phoenix viewer all the avi's are standing still not moving how do i fix it so i can see them moving n use the viewer thanks to all who help me
  12. I am having problems with my avi and to other people i look ok sometimes sometimes its a diff shape with big hands.....i look either a puff ball, all blotchy, i cant put nothing on or off plzzz help thank you
  13. Singularity viewer is not playing my gestures i see it in chat but no sound what do i do?
  14. grrr me too i turned my computer off 3 times so far
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