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  1. hello there Sl, I have a question. I bought leg squishies from Maze, unfortunately they do not work with my legacy body when wearing the fit deformers. Do you know if there are any other sl brands that make them to fit legacy with the deformers?
  2. I made my own BOM skin with tattoos attached, I have no other attachments. I was wearing a see through outfit but The body’s always have a stomach pooch at the bottom. No matter what shape I am wearing and some outfits you can’t use an alpha on.
  3. Hello y’all, Where can I get reasonable EvoX bom hair base appliers? Or how do I create them using my old ones? I think 400L for a bom hair-base is outrageous.
  4. So I seem to have an issue with clothing made for Maitreya fitting both Legacy and Maitreya mesh bodies. I have tried different shapes even the shapes that come with both bodies, but they have both have belly issues on both. I have even tried using a body enhancer and can't seem to make any of it work. I have looked at buying different shapes but most or all my cloths are compatible with Maitreya. I like legacy because I can where both my slink and Maitreya shoes without having to switch feet. I bought the botched body deformers and i still cant fix the issue. can some one pleas help or direct me to a body that i can wear maitreya cloths shoes as well as slink shoes without having to change feet. It's sad iI want a thick body but the clothes will not fit, Sigh.
  5. Sometimes the only way I find a new store is from Youtube or a freebie blog or forum, Like Fabfree or omega. Althogh I wear a Legacy body, I can still wear Matreya clothing, sheos, and slink shoes. It makes it conveient for shopping. Thanks for your reply. X
  6. Thanks for responding. It's annoying as heck. I don't want to be T-ping all over the Grid. Sigh
  7. My question, can anyone tell me why so many stores have left Marketplace? Are These stores gone on market place for good? Or is there an issue with maintanance?
  8. I just got this halo over my avatars head. All hair is transparent where the halo is. I am not wearing an alpha. I removed everything and it is still there. I use firestorm viewer however it is still happening on SL viewer. What can I do?
  9. I can not teleport in beta grid Is it down? Also< how do i buy from the market place for beta?
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