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  1. I've been running Viewer2 sucessfully for quite a while on Centos 5.4 and 5.5, but just updated to 5.6 today and had to reinstall the SecondLive viewer. I unpacked it and moved it to /usr/local as before and tried to adjust my /usr/local/bin/secondlife symbolic link and it would not run. I then went to the /usr/local/SecondLife directory and tried ./install.sh which moved the whole shebang to /usr/opt and wiped out my entire /usr/local directory! I'm sure I had a dozen apps installed there and probably no recent backup. I'd appreciate any suggestions but don't hold out much hope. Considering cancelling my premium membership and moving on to better pastures. Been a member of SL for 3 1/2 years. Ah well, MOOs died out after about 8 years also, maybe SL has had its day...
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