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  1. The long-time carnival build on Koreshan has been taken down, and we are now rebuilding it from the ground up with a new and improved Bioshock-inspired theme. This will include a dark, industrial, art-deco atmosphere, taking place in an enclosed underwater city surrounding. With the new build, we also hope to bring new faces and stores to the sim. Koreshan has always prided itself on the tight community of its members. After putting much thought and consideration into the shopping experience we'd like to provide on our sim, we have decided to extend an open invitation to creators who would be interested in joining our family. Along with advertising the stores that will be on the sim, we plan to hold regular events to promote the sim and the hard-working designers, so that they can show off their talent to the rest of the community.  At this time our open invitation is for large scale satellite and main store locations of 500 prims or more. If you think we might be a good fit for your new location then lets talk! Drop a line to Draconic Lioncourt or Faith Rosenberg. Preview 1 Preview 2 Preview 3 Preview 4 Preview 5
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