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  1. Same problem here too.. I received no answers yet... 5 hours trying to login..
  2. I tried login about 30 times, 30 different location. Few hours ago im online at HairFair, and i logout, and i can not login now. Whats happened? I try login on Android, Lumiya.. it doesnt work. Please help me. Thanks:Jadie if someone does not understand, there's a facts: - i have strong and fast internet - i have strong and fast computer - i have live sl account , about 8 hours ago i was online... - i dont wear group tag - other ( my husband's) account CAN login from this computer NOW I can't.
  3. Thank you!!! my passw is 23char, i used the first 16, and its working! Thank you so much!!--||-
  4. I dont know uncheck this. The page answer : "We are unable to complete your requestPassword incorrect."But its NOT ok ! My password is good! I tried this password in my email client, and its working! I tried the other 3 email address and password, none accepted :( I dont understand it :(
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