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  1. I'm not trolling. I simply have a hard time believing what I am reading here. In the end, I don't really care. Well not enough to continue. I got what I needed. I now understand better what the "acceptable" levels of discrimination is here in SL. I did not understand this at the beginning. I now have a much different, and better understand of the topic now. This was my first, and likely last post this forum. Thank you all.
  2. I never mentioned who or what my original complaint was about. Its just the concept in general. I'll put you down as a supporter...
  3. Not sure what to do with this. This sounds like one of those, "If you don't like, it, take up it up with these guys" sort of responses. Which makes me believe that you support the status quo. Which (as I've come to understand) tolerates this level of discrimination. So, can I put you down as a supporter of SL discrimination? I mean, is that the message here? Help me (us?) all understand this..
  4. Interesting choice of example demographics. Perhaps we all have our prejudices? I dunno. All I can say was that in all my years of SL, I never expected to find this much; indifference, tolerance, acceptance, justification, I dunno, call it what you will.. of discrimination. (to be clear, this is not the banning of an individual, this is the banning of a CLASS) Again, I'm somewhat stunned.
  5. "No one has shown any support whatsoever for the sort of banning you have described. No one. At all." Not gonna sit down. Thanks though for the offer though. If you read through the posts here, people have supported this. And in fact, some have gone so far as to say its needed. So, I get your point. Differentiating between allowed, and supported. My point here is that this behavior seems to be allowed overall, tolerated by many, and supported by some. And frankly that surprises me. That's all. Thanks again for the offer of a seat.
  6. yes, except the TOS still applies in all cases. So, its not really the "End of Story". I understand that land owners can ban whomever they want. For any reason. Or for no reason. That I get. But to ban an entire class of people, like all women, or all black, or all gay people, just because you don't like that class.. I was just a bit surprised how much support there is for this.
  7. I get that. But what I meant was 'public' in the sense that its a market, or a bar, or someplace that is open to the general public. I fully understand that SIMS are owned privately or in groups. And no, I'm not trolling. you will all notice I've never posted to this forum before. This forum is not my thing. Was an honest question.
  8. Those ban anyone that makes the decision to dress this way or that. I get that. That bans a behavior. My issue lately is with the acceptable levels of racism, bigotry and sexism in SL that describe a blanket ban of anyone that is gay/straight, or male/woman, or black/white. What I'm hearing is that this is OK here in SL.
  9. No, I am asking that one's race, gender, or orientation not be the sole reason for being banned. I mean, I get that anyone can be an ass, and we should be able to ban them, but solely on race, gender, or orientation? Seems odd that this is allowed.
  10. I have a question about acceptable forms of discrimination that might be allowed here in SL. Are we allowed to ban avatars from a sim, based on sexual orientation, race, age, or gender? In other words, in an otherwise public sim, can I ban all gay? or all trans people, or all women, solely based on their orientation, or gender? The question is this: Is this behavior allowed, and if not where is that stated? -Dillin
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