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  1. have anyone of you tried wearing a mesh clothes and your eyes pops out? but will disappear as soon as you removed that mesh clothing.. any idea how to fixed it?
  2. i did look but i can't find anything. . all my alts can login without problem during those times, only except my main account can't..
  3. i dont think there is coz i've been using this internet connection since 3 yrs ago with no problem and i didn't alter anything in it .. i can login normally and easily only after that 'restricted time" i have..
  4. i checked my email associated with SL account and i didn't see any message coming from LL and i'm using my own pc at home, same pc & connection since 2 yrs ago.. when i'm using V3, im only up to "logging in" for hours (same time everyday) even if i restart my pc and modem then after that "restricted time" i can login easily & normally.. no error messages.. all my alts can login during that "restricted time", only my main account can't..
  5. i'm having this issue of not being able to login between 3AM - 8AM SLT for the last 3 months, i've done all the possible solutions like re-installing, clearing cache, restarting modem, check firewalls and even deleting more than half my inventory but still to no avail.. am i being restricted to login at a specific time? i've done nothing offensive to anyone to report me or something.. and all my alts can login without problem..help!
  6. http://freebieforcece.blogspot.com/ you might like to add mine too..
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