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  1. Tyvm for the help, it is a large amount i do want to transfer and was worried that it might suspend my account for doing it
  2. Does anybody know if there is a limit on transfering lindens from one avi to another?
  3. Think this is my first ever post on here in all the time i been on sl, so please forgive me if i done something wrong lol. Me and my wife are looking for male sub/pet to join our family, After several failers (all talk and no action) i thought this might be a different avenue to take. I am not BI so no male interaction will be done but they just need to be able to take orders from myself as well as my wife. We currently have a female pet and jsut expanding our family, wanting to explore and try new things. You dont need to be into bdsm. Without going into the finer details which will be told in private also any questions we both might have, then please just send me or my wife a message and be happy to discuss it. Anyway hope you have a good day and thank you for at least reading
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