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  1. Hi! thanks I will have a look with calm ... i thought i would be able to fix it with the "run as administrator", which worked in my pc but the graphic card isn't that good now that is super slooooww So i thought doing the same in the other pc which has a way much better graphic card is, but sadly i crashed again and there is no skydrive installed in that pc what a night mare I need to post or they will kick me out from the groups T_T
  2. Thank you J, We figure out that skydrive is the problem and I activated it cuz i thought it was going to be easier just to thave that instead of dropbox ... so naive of me *snifes* I will give w8 one week and if really causing too much problems, I'll just go back to w7 ... anyway the "run as administrator" has been working good so far
  3. Hello Again I just read some one wich a similiar problem and was told to run the viewer as administrator and I've manage to take the picture and save it with all the high settings and didn't crash at all
  4. Thanks for your answer. I've started doing that, puting the pictures in folders because it was kinda getting too much and then i forgot the name i saved and was just a mess lol I will try that loging in thingie to see if works for me as well, thank you
  5. Thanks for your reply, I'm gonna try that and see what happend. I've manage to send me the picture via email, but the quality is not the same one. I read is also something with the skydrive of windows 8 which i've installed on sunday but this actually started on the other pc first wich has windows 7
  6. Hello there :) Since 2 weeks ago, I start to have problems with the saving pictures. Every time I want to save a picture to my PC disk it crashed and shout down the viewer. First it happend with my husband's pc which has a good graphics card (he plays a lot of pc games and they looks so smooth) and now with mine, I tried other viewers like firestorm and exodus and I have the same problem. Any idea why is happening that? Thanks a lot for any help you can provide :) Ake PS. I blog for several stores so taking pictures is kinda my main thing in sl, i used all the quality settings for it.
  7. Hello to every one has been posting here. It has been one week since i am just playing SL in one screen as Parhelion Palou recomended and actually I haven't broken at all! ... I also can wear again saved outfits that normally made me look invisible. or pixelated. So yay! I guess was the 2 screens monitor stuff. Thank you again for all the tips and I hope I don't have to use the forum again for a problem like this. Hugs Hugs
  8. @Parhelion Palou I never thought on that, actually i can say it started from that point. before i used a second monitor (was a tv really) but how it was huge wasnt my first option. But know i got a new pc and 2 monitors and bet is from that time i started to have problems. I will make sure i just use sl in the first one. Thanks @Mairiare Thanks for your answer, I don't use collars that much, not lately, but I will keep an eye on your advice. Thanks a lot @16 is I have some save outfits saved, i mean, i can change into them and not breaking my avatar, but as soon as i want to change clothes, everything what is layers breaks, alpha, shirts, skirts, pants, undewear, skin, eyes. just what is prim survive ... Thanks for your help.
  9. Ariel, thank you for your answer and help. I don't know really how that support ticket works, but i will look for it and try to get some help, thanks again for the idea
  10. It worked for 2 days, i was all right i could change clothes without dissapearing, but today all came back again, I have done all what you guys have told me and I dunno what else I can do. It would be very awesome if LL tells me why that happends and how can I fix it, cuz I have an inventory over the 60K and is a lot a lot of money spent here. Thank you
  11. what means "does not exist?" can not LL help with this? T_T
  12. I have tried different viwers tho, even different PCs thanks
  13. got you now, i am gonna do that tomorrow, i have to go for work, thanks a lot
  14. I have changed avatar, skin, I kinda have some other avi styles, like more animal stuff, and some of them works perfectly other just the same, the ones that works, as soon as i change some clothes layers, brokes again. Not quite sure if i got what where you saying, but gonna try to get that avatar picker. Thanks both
  15. I have done all that, even trying the test avatar ... really I have done everything and nothing is working ...
  16. Hi, Since yesterday my avatar has been broken, sometimes i can see just prims and body is totally invisible, others is all white, others the texture is like pixlated. I have tried all ... clean cache, i delelate all the folderes on my pc, I un install, delate, reboot, install viwer and nothing, same old problem. Of course I wasn't wearing any tattoo layer or alpha layer. Why it is happening and How I can fix it? Thanks for your help. I have add some pictures so you can see what I'm talking about. http://www.flickr.com/photos/akeleisworld/6543760871/in/photostream http://www.flickr.com/photos/akeleisworld/6543760363/in/photostream http://www.flickr.com/photos/akeleisworld/6543759915/in/photostream http://www.flickr.com/photos/akeleisworld/6543758003/in/photostream
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