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  1. Thank you, Peewee Musytari, I will try to download Phoenix viewer. As I said, with the Emergence viewer, the others look all right, even it is a place with lag and the same place, with viewer 1, the others were moving slowly even they were not at such a distance and the most closely to me were changing when 2D, when 3D, but I see myself very good. Now, that I turned off the Avatars Impostors, seems to be better.
  2. Thank you Darien Caldwell, I cleared the little square at Avatar Impostors, at Grafics, at Preferences and I see the others a little bit better, but I wait a little bit to rez, their appearance.
  3. Yes, I'm using the oficial viewer from LL and when I open the statistic bar is between 0.0-15.0 and the Bandwidth is at 300 and Physics FPS is 44.0 My computer is good, has enough memory, because with the Emergence viewer, I see great, but I can't talk to microphone.
  4. I'm using viewer 1 and I see others moving slowly, and not in three dimensions. I don't wanna use viewer 2, I prefer viewer 1
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