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  1. In the following paragraph, I will be using the words "weighting"/"weights" as apposed to "skinning" or "skin" I've been messing around with a hairstyle I've been wanting to upload as a rigged mesh, after watching a video by Sae Luan. On my first upload I noticed that my rig was successful in the fact that it was actually rigged to something, but disappointed to find out that I had done a horrible job properly weighting. See here. Strands had been rigged to the eyeballs and there were jagged pieces everywhere, so the first thing I did was cancelled out the "weights" that were caused by the eyes by holding CTRL and erasing the weight. I did this with every bone and went back and repainted weights by hand. I currently have about 90% of the hair style corrected, but have spent more time than ever wanted sitting and repainting ever single strand. I'm still left with pieces that move, and I have no idea what is actually moving them. 90% corrected screen shot Another thing I might note, is that my meshes do not look at all lovely when built to the ground. This may have something to do with my problem Rigged mesh on ground -Left: Untextured -Middle: Untextured with Shine -Right: Singular hair texture applied Is there a better way to do what I'm doing? :matte-motes-stress:
  2. I have been following "ashasekayi's" Blender tutorials on Rigged Mesh Creation and finally created a rigged mesh of my own. Here are a few of my concerns/problems When uploading my .dae file, my mesh object (a t-shirt) appears to look squished together. Not how it appears in Blender. Distorted in SL uploader: http://gyazo.com/8560ced4a035262bfd2b54b008e71a78 How it appears in Blender: http://gyazo.com/591c4453c5948a77d73ab3170c0e6acd Now I dont really care at this point if the mesh I created is actually usable for sale or anything, I'm just trying to upload a successful mesh so I know that I am doing everything correctly before actually creating a detailed mesh. The problem I run into now is that I am unable to check "Skin Weights" for this mesh, and I assume that this is what will enable the mesh object to be worn rigged. http://gyazo.com/393e117cd03f5bbd1b92011e166ab091 As you can see fom the screen shot, it is greyed out, and I am unable to check it. Have I created my mesh object wrong? Thankyou in advance for any help!! <3
  3. I am a content creator here on secondlife, and am interested in getting into mesh. I create sculpted hair and other various items. I am very comfortable and know my way around with Maya, so I'm hoping that I may find a tutorial, even if it is basic, on how I need to set things up and start creating mesh and rigging it. I would perferably like to learn how to do this for clothing like items and maybe even hair. I imagine it is fairly simple, but I cannot find any tuts for Maya. I am open for other tutorials, but possibly a more in depth tut, since I am not too familiar with other programs. I do know my way around Blender, and Zbrush.
  4. I have a store VIP group that you must pay 50L to join, but in return I send out group items from my store. I have been getting IMs from people who've joined the group saying that they recieve group dividends. How can I stop this, or is it even possible to stop? Thankyou!
  5. I have been getting this, but not for purchasing items on the marketplace, but for listing them. I cannot view my merchant inventory.
  6. This is the error I recieve when trying to view my Merchant Inventory, is the marketplace server down? Apache/2.2.3 (Debian) Phusion_Passenger/2.2.11 mod_ssl/2.2.3 OpenSSL/0.9.8c Server at marketplace.secondlife.com Port 443 Requested Range Not Satisfiable None of the range-specifier values in the Range request-header field overlap the current extent of the selected resource.
  7. I created a group a couple weeks ago and have just noticed that I no longer belong to that group. I've tried searching for it in the groups search. Its not there. I hadn't added anyone to the group yet, due to my busy sched. Is it possible that LindenLabs deleted it thinking it was "inactive"? :matte-motes-stress:
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