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  1. Thank-you both for your helpful replies. I recalled that Machinima was the term, but couldn't recall how to spell it. I shall examine the word closely and burn it into my brain. Hopefully I'll be able to find this again when I get home tonight so I can play. The links in the first reply are what I remember from years ago, though couldn't remember how to find. The history tab shows last edit in December 2009, so maybe something new in there. I did not know the second reply's linked resource. Thank-you again. I am not 100% certain how correct answer and helpful work, but I've marked up the question thread thing. Nor how to answer both. Maybe I should have replied to original post instead of one of the two when replying to both.
  2. If this question has been asked and answered, I'm sorry.  I cannot figure out how to search here. I have tried making videos in the past, using FRAPS I believe, but it has been a while and the videos I made were kind of low quality.  So, what programs work best with SL to make videos/movies? If this has in fact been asked and answered, can links be supplied so I can find and read?  Tutorials on how to do it would be helpful also, though I will test the waters here by focusing on recommendations of software/programs. Thanks for any help that can be provided.
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