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  1. I have alot animations and objects that a couple of creators have made and have left second life permanently. i have tried to contact them several times over the course of about 3 months and no reply. Is there a way to claim them since i paid for them already and get full rights to them ?
  2. IM having a problem with edges of the all of the prims and my avatar. They are all rough and blocky and my fonts on the UI are a little out of focus. IM running at 1920x1080 using a nvidia gtx460 with the newest drivers. The performance is at 40-Fps on ultra setting. What could be the problem?
  3. i have alot of adult poseballs from a seller named Risque Animations. and she is no longer on SL and i have contacted her to get full permission for months and no reply. i want to get full permission so that i can put the animations into a animation engine. What can i do with all of these animations that i have right now since the creator isa no longer in SL?
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