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  1. Tier date is the 10th of the month. Tier amount is $209.00. The sim must be renamed and moved. I will except bids until September 20th @ 12:00 pm SLT Starting Bid is $3200 USD with increments of $50 USD Buyer will pay transfer fee. To bid, please send a notecard to Gina Chrome. Highest bidder will be notified as soon as bidding has ended.
  2. They solved mine yesterday. It was a scripted that was placed in a shared item. We have since made sure that there are no shared items on the sim.
  3. Hi Whirly. They are escalating the issue now. I hope they can find the cause soon. It's a sim killer.
  4. Yes, I am sure some pieces of furniture have RLV, but it does not matter what furniture you try to sit on and it is the entire sim and everyone that comes or rents there, not just me. You can also rezz a prim and try to sit on it but it pops you back standing. Nothing works for anyone. When the sim is restarted, everything works for a hour or so and then it stops again.
  5. I have. They have been there. It took them 4 days. They said it was fixed and within a couple of hours is was not working again. They have yet to come back even though I reported it on the ticket.
  6. Yes, we have tried it all. It is the oddest thing. I can't believe they cannot find the problem.
  7. Does anyone else have the problem that they are unable to sit on anything on their land? This means poseballs and avi sit and even just a prim box? Our sim has had this issue for almost a week now and it was supposed to be fixed but it started again?
  8. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Claris%20Beck/236/90/79
  9. Trina, I cannot judge an avatars apperance unless they are standing on one of my sims. However, I can tell you that childs play as gross as it may be, does gone on. I have witnessed it and reported it many times over the years. Each avatar is looked at on an indiviual basis. The person is contacted prior and asked if update their appearance. At no time is anyone rude or disrespectful. It is their choice if they do or not. There is room for all of us in SL. People can look as they want, but I go with a safe practice. Again, I can only speak for my sims.
  10. Feel free to avoid any of my sims. Re-read my orignal post and use it in the correct context. Children or child looking avatars have no place on adults sims. It has nothing to do with big butts or breasts.
  11. If does not matter what 'mommy' is doing. That was not even the point and I am sure you have seen the child like round faces with the over sized head. Please do not take my words out of context because you want to try to pick my post apart. It is my opinion and guess what? On my sims, that is what matters.
  12. My entire sim has a sex based theme. I am not sure if it is "anime" or just girls thinking it is cute, but yes, I post the same wording in the sim rules and the covenant. They will be removed from the sim. The little girl or teenager thing has no place on an adult sim.
  13. I am going to weigh in on this even though I normally do not entertain this type of discussion. As an adult sim owner, the child looking avatars have gotten out of hand. It honestly has nothing to do with the height of the avatar nor the hidious Lola tangos and the stupid Phat asses. It is about the avatar running around in these young looking skins with these oversized heads and round faces that are not proportioned to their avatar. I am all for RL sizes in sl, but you can do that without looking like a child. If you have those key features of a child and you put on slutty clothes or make up,
  14. It is that time of the week again! SEXUS Interracial Resort's Famous Naked Monday @ with sexy DJ Sayuri starting @ 1pm. No group membership needed. No attired needed! Come out meet and greet old friends or make new ones. All Adults Welcome. See what life is like in paradise. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Erotic%20Nation/68/67/22
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