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  1. Hi! In order to minimize the distortion of perspectives when filming characters, I uset the camera far away from the character (i.e. 30m) and compensate with a very low view angle (0.08). Disabling the "dynamic level of details" allows perfect quality, but the animation of flexi prims (hair) becomes very choppy. I can't find a debug setting that affect the flexi physics refresh rate vs. camera distance. How could this be achieved? Thanks!
  2. Hello, I'm looking for a way to define the rotation of an avatar. My goal is to be able to rotate the avatar so that it's parallel to the ground. I wasn't successful with an invisible rotated prim to stand on... what could you suggest me please? Thanks!
  3. Hey, Just found a viable way to do this: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Show_Look_At If you're using a mac, you need to "cmd-click" (or right click) on the Second Life Viewer application (do this using the Finder), open the package ("show package contents"), and go to content/resource/character/attentions.xml Restart SL and your avatar will look straight ahead!
  4. Hi! Thanks for opening my post. Debug values PitchFromMousePosition and YawFromMousePosition set to 0 will make your avatar to stop looking at the mouse pointer. Now, when you hover your mouse over an item, your avatar will turn its head to "look at" that item. This can be show using "Developer > Avatar > Show look at". Is there a way to disable "looking at" hovred stuff please? Thanks!
  5. Hey thanks! This seems to have solved my weird rotation issue :-)
  6. Hey, I just noticed this behavior only happens when I'm standing on a "pose stand" that contains the following script. However, the change made to the camera is permanent and I cant seem to find what to do to reset the camera. Any help will be welcome! //Note: this code was adapted from someone.//key mkLoungingAgentKey = NULL_KEY;integer miPermissionsAcquired = FALSE;default{ state_entry() { //overriden sit target //lower them a bit vector vLoungeTarget = <0.00, 0.00, 1.15>;// *Note* Change the Last value //to make your Avatar Stand Higher or Lower
  7. Hello, Thanks for opening my post! I'm using the viewer for Mac. Thanks to help received from the forum, I now have a reliable way for restoring accurate camera placements (using debug values). There is one parameter I can't seem to handle. After taking pictures, I hit "esc" to return to normal view. Seems that "esc" adds a slight rotation factor to the default camera placement. Hitting "esc" a couple dozen times will make that default placement to perform a full rotation. It also affects the other pre-defined camera placements (which I've altered using debug valu
  8. Hey, Thanks for that info! It seems I have all it takes to position the camera very precisely. Is it possible to affect these debug values using a script? That would make hud items able to immediately position the camera in several places! Thanks,
  9. Hey, Thanks all for your help already! This camera debug values certainly is promising. It's however centered on the middle of the body. Increasing the height of the camera also makes it rotate downards, like to keep the body's center of mass in the middle of the screen. Is it possible to force the camera to "look" at a certain body part? The need here is to be able to get two exact same screenshots of the character's body parts. With the screenshots in gimp, I would "cut" the different versions of the parts (big nose, piggy nose, mustache, no mustache, etc.) and then have a collection of
  10. Hello! Thank you for opening my postt! I'm desperately trying to have a hud button (basic prim) to position the camera relatively to my avatar. I actually want this button to place the camera in a "pre-programmed" location and that faces the avatar in a constant way. Imagine "mugshots": They're always taken with the same frame, distance, etc. So I've made my hud button and put a script based on some hours of googling (nb I have no IT background, don't flame me please :) default { state_entry() { } touch_start(integer total_number) { llReques
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