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  1. It is not about looking for someone else to roleplay with...Men do not want to participate or watch two men having sex in a roleplay sim designated for "manly men", so then the slave girls have no one to roleplay with. Like I said...if it were about being a Dragon, gay or not, you should dress like a dragon.
  2. I have read 4 of the books. Gor in SL was BTB originally and it did come close. There is something wrong when you are reversing the roles of male-dominated roleplay. In RL gays should be treated with respect and allowed to do anything they want but we are talking roleplaying in a role. I do know a gay guy in Gor who is owned by a woman, so at least he is playing BTB. I have nothing against gay men as I said. If you went to a Dragon sim and said, oh no I want to be a puppy, they would tell you NO.
  3. I know this is an older post but honestly why do effiminate males want to be in Gor. The theme of Gor is men dominated women and used them for their pleasure. Thralls were used for manual labor. So why do gay men want to be in Gor, someone please explain that to me. I have nothing against gay or lesbians, my daughter is one...but the issue is, Are you just upset that Gor is about straight people? There is a gay Gor sim or two but I was told they do not like having their own sim.
  4. That would explain why they attacked me for asking if they were BOTS. I did remove the city name, thanks.
  5. Yeah, I do the same...the other thing I wonder about, is why would you have only bots in a rp sim. People come to roleplay so of course they won't stay without someone there that is active. I'm speaking of The City of *** btw.
  6. Thank you Fox...that makes sense, because the bots just stand there 24 hours a day which drives up the numbers. I spoke to a few sim owners who didn't know that. I wish the Lindens would change that.
  7. There is a sim with 19 bots and if you do a BTB Gor search, they are showing 40,000 visitors which puts them at the top of the search. I am just curious how that works, if anyone knows.
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