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  1. Hallo zusammen, die Frage ergibt sich schon aus der Überschrift. Welche Schritte sind hierfür durchzuführen? Vielen Dank, Ted
  2. Hi all, how to find this advertisement place with ads for 50 L$/wk ? Many thx for answering! Ted Twig
  3. Hi all, last summer (July/ or August) I tried to seell approx 40,000 L$ at Lindex. 1st: It did never come to an exchange into US-$ 2nd: Where is my money now? Last but not least, how can I find this L$- Lindex- URL (I did forget it) and is summer's amount to "rescue" ? Thanks for reading and answering! Ted Twig
  4. Hi, Basic Member since March 2010. About July 2010 upgraded to Premium. Then I had a Mainland with house (on 512 sqm) and additional beside 4400 sqm Mainland. - To pay was my annual membership fee. In June 2011 I bought additional Mainland, so that I have to pay from now approx 90 US-$/month. How can I come into my old situation until May 2011? Do I have to abandon these bought 8,832 sqm more? Thanks for any answer, Ted Twig
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