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  1. oh yes, that would help. The 1st game is a single player puzzle game. It's all one linked set, no huds. The second partially done game is a connect 4 style game for 2 players with some additional features. Also a link set with no HUD.
  2. Hello, I was working with a scripter who due to RL is no longer in SL. She did the scripting of one game and started a second. There is an issue with the first game and I have no idea how to fix it. The second game is somewhere around half done I think. I know how difficult it can be to work on someone else's scripts. I do most of my own scripting but two player games are beyond my current skill level. The first game has an issue that might be due to change of ownership, but I can't duplicate it with alts. I've seen it in world but it's over my scripting knowledge level. I figured I'd pay you for your time for fixing the 1st game, but if you're interested in working on the 2nd game I'd consider a 50/50 split or paying for your time. If you're interested please let me know. I really want to get the game fixed! My email is lunartripsa@gmail.com or message me in world at Lunar Tripsa. I'll send you the games so you can see if it's something you would enjoy working on and we can take it from there. Thanks!
  3. ohhhhhh, thats much simpler then I thought it was gonna have to be! thanks!
  4. Hello, I'm trying to decide what direction to take with a project. Ideally I'd like the user to type something into a text box, then have the script ignore everything but the first word. I have no idea how to do that though since I won't know how many letters the first word will have. Any help would be great, Thanks!
  5. Hi Everyone, I'm tring to figure out a script for a game and I need a little help in what direction to go with it. If only one person was going to be playing I;d have no problem with this, but I;d like to be able to have several people play at once. Player A clicks a piece then clicks where he wants the piece to go. Player B is doing the same thing. It will not be turned based so there may be two or more active pieces waiting for locations at the same time. I can record the uuid of the touchers and what was touched but when they touch the location for the piece to go, whats the best way for that spot to get the info? Any help would be great! This is new tterritory for me.
  6. Oh thats perfect!!! Thank you so much!!!
  7. Thanks so much for your replies! Those examples aren't exactly what I'm trying to do though. I want one of the steps to fire, then the next time the timer goes, do a diffrent step. It could be random or in order. I'm just not sure how to set it up to make the timer do something diffrent each time.
  8. Hello, I think and hope this is a simple thing... I'm working on a timer script that will change several different variables each time the timer fires and I'm blanking at how to take what I have a feed it into the timer. Any help would be greatly appricated! integer min = 30; integer max = 180; Step1() { //do stuff } Step2() { //do stuff } Step3() { //do stuff } default { state_entry() { // llSetTimerEvent( max - llFrand(min) ); } timer() { //? }}
  9. I'm making a table setting and want each avatar to be able to pick what they want on their plate from dishes on the table. I don't know how many place settings there will be and don't want to link everything becuase of other scripting things happening as well as letting the next owner easily adjust things to fit their needs. Other scripting will clear the table when the meal is finished so all objects with Listen will be removed.
  10. Hello! I'm trying to either figure out how to go about doing this, or if it be better to go in a different direction. I'd like to have an avatar click on an object which will then say something to anouther specific object. I could have the avatar sitting on the specific object if that helps. I was thinking if I passed the avatar key back and forth, The touched object would remeber the avatars key then say it back. If one of the other abjects nearby was being sat on by that avatar it would do whatever it's supposed to do. I was wondering if there was a better way though. Ideally I'd rather not have the avatar sitting on it. Thanks for any possible help!
  11. Oh thanks those look great! I can't wait to get home and try them! (at work right now shhh!) My diallog script has a bunch of submenus and the menu in question will have at most 12 buttons (Currently 9), 2 or 3 of which will always be there. The context is a playhouse that rezzes decor through the menu. The decor comes in packs which will be sold sepperetly so thats why I only want it to show the correct buttons only for the sets they want. The sets have several items in them so I want the menu to look for a specific item then put a button up to lead to the submenu with the individual items. I have all that working perfectly except for the button showing or not showing so I can't wait to try the suggests and get it all done! It's goint to be a long day at work though since I want to get home and script! Thanks everyone!!!
  12. Actually I;m not sure if that would work because I have items that are in the onventory that don't need to be counted. I do use lists, but literal ones that you can see. The ones you can't see as a visual list are what get me. But I like the challenge of it all and learning a new part is so much fun! Thanks!
  13. okay I think I get that. Going to work on it when I'm fresh tomorrow. Thanks so much! I really do want to make this work because when it does it's gving me so many other ideas. On a similar matter: I tried using llGetInventoryType to check if a specific item was in the inventory and if not say so but it keeps bringing up the Mmenu and not the Jmenu. I'm hoping this is something simple I'm just missing? if(message == "Yard") { if (llGetInventoryType("Front Yard")){ displayDialog(id,"Front Yard Items...", Mmenu, 0); }else { displayDialog(id, "This item is not in the prims inventory", Jmenu, 0); } }
  14. Thanks for your reply! I've seen that utility before and found it to be over my head currently in terms of practical application. I have a mental block when it comes to lists lol. But I do see what you mean. I also haven't worked much with changed events. So I could give it a list of all the possiblities and check to see whats on that list. and only those items would be put on buttons. Hmmm thats going to take a it of trail and error I think. I agree it be good to sense when something is removed, however that shouldn't be an issue in this case.
  15. Hello, I'm working on a dialog menu that has a function to check to see if certain items are in its inventory when a new item is added to the prim and if so to add a specific button to the menu. It works perfectly, until another item is added to the prim, then all the buttons are duplicated and I'm not sure where to go next to fix it. I also tried adding a check button to see if the items were there, but of course the same thing happened. Any shoves in the right direction would be much appreciated! changed (integer change) { if (change & CHANGED_INVENTORY) { if (llGetInventoryType("Rooftop") != 0) Jmenu += ["Roof Top"]; } if (llGetInventoryType("Front Yard") != 0) { Jmenu += ["Front Yard"]; } if (llGetInventoryType("Extra Decor") != 0) { Jmenu += ["Extra Decor"]; } }}
  16. Thanks so much for both your help. I've been playing around with it and am able to "remove" and ad a totally different button, but not the button I want to remove. If I reset the script then it works, but that messes up the access to the menu. Oh well. I think I'll have this to my figure out someday list. Thanks again though I do appreciate the help!
  17. Hello, I'm trying to remove a menu button from llDialog, but this area is new to me. I want to to check the number of linked prims and if it is 9 then show a button and if it is 8 (or less maybe) don't show the button. I am able to show the button, but I'm not sure how to remove it. touch_start(integer total_number) { //llOwnerSay("free memory:"+ (string)llGetFreeMemory()); displayDialog(llDetectedKey(0)," Make a selection...",Main,1); integer prims = llGetObjectPrimCount(llGetKey()); if (prims == 9) { prims = llGetNumberOfPrims(); Main += ["Door"]; } else if (prims == 8) { prims = llGetNumberOfPrims(); //not sure what to put here? } } Any help your a pint in the right direction would be awesome! Thanks
  18. Thank you so much. I had in my head something that was soooo much more complicated and your first option looks like it will work perfectly. Thank you!!!
  19. Hello, I’m trying to decide how I want to make a new product and I’m not sure how to go about doing a new thing with the dialog menu. I want to have a base item with a menu. Then a customer could also buy add-ons. If they placed the add-on in the base object the dialog would recognize that it was there and show a corresponding section of the menu that was hidden before. I’m sure there are lots of ways to do this or maybe another way that would be simpler and I have some other ideas, but this is something I’ve wanted to try. What I’m not sure of is the best way to have the dialog check to see if certain items have been added and then to show a previously hidden menu. A point in the right direction would be most appreciated! Thanks!
  20. ohhhh thank you! I see what I did and got it fixed. Also thanks for the adive about my scripting faux pas. I'm going to change that, since I plan on using this for anouther project. Thanks again!
  21. Hello, I have a dialog menu that works perfectly. When you select a time for the timer it sends a message to another script from a list. Each time sending the next message then repeats. I tried using the same code, but triggering it with a chat command and it doesn't work. It will trigger the first command, but then only repeat that command rather than going to the next one. I'm hoping it's something simple, because I would say I’m somewhat of a beginner scripter. Any help you can give would be soappreciated. list message = ["1","2","3"]; integer message_number; integer current_index; default { state_entry() { llListen(-1, "", NULL_KEY, "" ); } listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message) { if(message == "Go") { llSetTimerEvent(5); } } on_rez(integer num) { llResetScript(); } timer() { llMessageLinked(LINK_THIS, 0, llList2String( message,current_index ), NULL_KEY); if(++current_index >= message_number) current_index = 0; } }
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