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  1. for 2 days now I can play all day for hours on end with no issues then all the sudden between midnight and 2 am sl time I get kicked out of game and it wont let me log back in or it takes forever and when I do get back in the minute I try to type or move it kicks me out again and gives me a greyed out pic and says the its unavailable last night I uninstalled second life did a virus scan and defragged my computer...I also unplugged my modem and my router and let them sit when all of this happens it wont even let me get to secondlife.com it says it cant be found I can go to anywhere else on the web and do anything else except play second life...I can only get to this forum because I have it bookmarked but the main page it wont let me get to and I cant get in game idk what else to try suggestion please its a brand new computer so I know its not issues there
  2. Arua Rotaru

    cant log in

    now I get back in game and go to type and it shuts off the music ...locks up and says this sim is experiencing difficulties or something like that but no one else is only me no matter what sim I'm in
  3. Arua Rotaru

    cant log in

    i did that and I got back in for about 30 minutes and I go to tp somewhere and it did it again this is a brand new computer and we have high speed internet that ive never had problems with in any other game ive been back in sl for 3 weeks and this is the first time ive had this issue
  4. Arua Rotaru

    cant log in

    it started with me not being able to all the sudden hear music so it was suggested I tp home ..it wouldn't complete the tp and I got a grey screen saying the region I was trying to reach was unavailable and my im's would be saved and it logged me out. now no matter what I do it will not log me back in anywhere and it will not let my other account log in either what do I do? ive tried logging it at last place and at home