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  1. Roleplay requires nothing more than an active imagination. If you want to roleplay as a vampire, you don't need Bloodlines to do it. Sure, play aides help, but I suppose that- were it up to me- I could do without a play aide that doubles (mostly) as a shameless money-sink (and, I'd add, isn't much as a play-aide either). Not anti-vampire, or even anti-Bloodlines for that matter. But I'm very pro-imagination. Comes with years spent playing pencil and paper RPGs where all you really had was your imagination, but honestly, it's a capacity everyone has. I'd give it a try.
  2. Efurou wrote: Syo Emerald wrote: You are a lame troll. Get some better topic. Ranting about child avatars is so 2009. Can't you come up with something entertaining? Your false arguments are boring. Come on, you can do better. Why would anyone be bothered about someone discussing something on a discussion forum? What does it matter who old the thread is? If the people complaining about the age of the thread have nothing to add to the topic - they can just not answer, no? I find child avatars annoying also. And no - it does not violate anyone's human rights to ban child avatar's on a sim. Sim owners have the right to invite or ban whoever they want for any reason they want. They pay, they make their own rules. Not everyone is allowed in my rl house - it is my decision who visits me and who not - does not mean I violate anyone's rights. Truthfully, I really did pick this up on a Google search on the topic, it was as I recall the second result in the search, I came into the thread and I admit that I did not, in fact, check the date before posting. I just did. This is partly because I was looking for other things and distracted, and partly because I think the stigma of "necroposting" is utterly ludicrous and I give it no credence. Let's assume for a moment the worst-case scenario: I deliberately resurrected this months-old thread for the purposes of... What, exactly? Wasting five minutes of your time? Well don't I have lofty goals in life? Probably wasted double the amount of my time getting you to waste yours. Let's assume you actually fell for it- another worst-case scenario. What precisely did you lose here (apart from the aforementioned 5 minutes)? "Oh noes, I posted in a thread that was old, and totally doesn't have 50 other more recent topics also started about the very same subject that I totally would never have posted in if not for being tricked into responding to this particular one! Curses!" I sure got you! Truly this is the worst of internet crimes right here. I am a wily genius. So, I guess you can choose to believe the more elaborate, Rube Goldbergian theory that this was all a protracted plot to achieve... not much of anything, really. Or you can simply accept that I saw a post while looking for something related to it and responded to it because I felt I had something to say about the matter (and I happened to not bother to look at the date- "oops"). If you're in the former camp, all I can say is you must be in the habit of falling for 'Nigerian Prince' bank account scams too- since that also requires the ability to utterly suspend disbelief and believe in an elaborate, needlessly convoluted story instead of the simpler, more likely one. What I guess I'm trying to say here is: you're getting scammed either way.
  3. Syo Emerald wrote: You are a lame troll. Get some better topic. Ranting about child avatars is so 2009. Can't you come up with something entertaining? Can't you? Accusing people of trolling is so 1989... when that word actually had a meaning.
  4. "...with the false assumption that a real child is controlling a child avatar..." I don't think anyone's assuming this. For one thing I think it pretty much breaks the logic behind the proposed stigma that "people only dislike child avatars because they assume there is a sexual agenda behind them- always". Children (who actually are children) don't fetishize the lives they're living 24/7, it takes an adult mind to do that. If we're talking about Linden's motivations for placing restrictions on child avatars, I think the only assumption here is: the observing 3rd party has NO way of knowing for certain what the agenda behind the avatar is. In which case, it's best not to risk it- don't allow them in places where such misunderstandings/deceptions seem likely to occur. "...they find strange that an adult would have a reason to roleplay a child, they see it as abnormal behaviour." Name me the top five insults you might potentially level against a fully-grown adult when they are not acting particularly... normal. I'm betting one of the top five is "you're acting like a child". No, this isn't viewed as normal behavior- or even as favorable behavior, for that matter- by society at large. It carries a longstanding stigma with it that extends well-past creepers with sexual agendas.
  5. Dresden Ceriano wrote: I'm just going to chalk this up to you not knowing any better and leave it at that. Have a nice day ...Dres I was about to chalk up your posts to the same phenomenon. Seems fair. Cheerio.
  6. Dresden Ceriano wrote: Vere Messerchmitt wrote: Abigail Merlin wrote: holly necropost batman.. Did you dig this up just to troll? No. You? And does doing a google search for SL policy on this sort of thing and turning this up at the top of the search incidentally constitute some form of "digging" I was previously unaware of? ...but in answer to your second question... yes, most definitely. Then you have a bizarrely under-represented concept of "effort" I suspect. The reality is I didn't need to "dig" for anything. I searched and this rose right to the top immediately. I'll give you a hint: the fault here is in assuming there's only one way to find a forum post, and it is necessarily laborious. Advantageous? No. Seeing as I was already here, I saw a topic on a forum I felt I had cause to respond to, and did. Can you think of any other convoluted lines of reasoning for why i should not use a resource as it's intended to be used? Because I am intrigued. You also seem to be saying there's no pertinent information here. This is just a long thread about... nothing in particular, I am asked to believe. Again, these are some very keen insights you have here. As for what other people percieve to be "trolling" I can't say I'd have any idea, nor would I care much. From my perspective "trolling" hasn't been a thing that has existed outside of Bassmasters and the underside of bridges in childrens' fairy tales since the last decade or more. It is however an excellent refuge for those who wish to find fault with something without being able to articulate any truly substantive reason for doing so. I have noticed that.
  7. Abigail Merlin wrote: holly necropost batman.. Did you dig this up just to troll? No. You? And does doing a google search for SL policy on this sort of thing and turning this up at the top of the search incidentally constitute some form of "digging" I was previously unaware of?
  8. Eileen Fellstein wrote: I have found that largely this veiw of child avatars comes from people's unspoken belief that everyone here has a sexual agenda at all times, hidden or not. In short, most simply assume you are acting out on a perversion. They can't accept that someone having a child avatar is a way to express their inner child as you say, or that perhaps they are just a person that really finds children to be wonderful and something to celebrate. They also have never seen a so-called "child avatar" that acts or behaves remotely like actual children do. I know I have yet to see one. Hell, even Hollywood gets this wrong when attempting to portray children in film because the lines are written by adults who for whatever reason can't recall what being a child actually was like. The portrayals, as such are freaking creepy- without even being sexual in any way. Every child avatar I've ever ran into basically consists of beginning more than ten percent of your words with the letter W- because apparently all children have some sort of an in-born lisp. You remember having a lisp at age nine, right? We all had one, sure. Why not? So no, it's not my feeling that everyone has a sexual agenda. It's my feeling that most child avatars are not, in fact, children in any way a sane person might recognize. This in turn leads one to believe that the whole thing is less about "reliving one's childhood" and more about reinventing it in some distorted, maladaptive way. Who says it has to be sexual to be creepy? Cause it really doesn't. Pedophiles and pederasts at least have clear motivations. I'd say the most unsettling pseudo-children I see are the people who don't seem to have any rational motivation for the creepy, uncanny valley-type stuff leaking out of their keyboard.
  9. Admittedly, these are all links. The actual items still exist so far as I can tell. But it was a whole LOT of work to do to have to re-do it all again. Is there something Technical support can do for me here? EDIT: I have no idea why I can't reply to people replying to me in this thread, my only option seems to accept replies as answers. Seems like a pretty messed up way to handle support. What happens when the answers offered don't answer my question? As in this case: the links aren't broken. The links are ENTIRELY MISSING. They aren't in lost and found, they're just... gone. So while I appreciate the effort, it doesn't really answer to this problem. I wish I had a better way to express this, but it seems as though Linden doesn't like questions that have no answers- even if the answers are given are invalid or incorrect. Anyway, problem still not solved. Hours of work done lost. And apparently this help system is proving unhelpful at a design level. Son of the Edit: (As I still have no better way to answer folks trying to help me) Thank you Luc. That does help me in a way since I wasn't aware you could create links by dragging inventory items directly to outfit folders- which curiously still exist in my inventory (though the item links that should be under them are gone). It might lighten the load of redoing all this somewhat. I have cleared cache and relogged, but sadly this brought nothing back. The links are still just gone. Of course it's still a concern of mine- redoing all these folders just to have some random occurence wipe it all out with no recourse but the consolation that 'well, it happens'. Is there any way to back up and restore this kind of stuff, as a for-instance? Unreliable system is sadly unreliable. And aggravating, as such. I don't think people should have to accept paranoia as a workaround to a stable inventory. Revenge of the Son of Edit: Well, as it seems to have been missed by some folks, I do, again appreciate the attempts to help. I don't much appreciate the vitriol being leveled agaisnt me when I express my frustration with a support system (and while this may not be the "official" Linden help system, it IS the system the Liindens decided to put in place for assisting those of us without premium memberships, and so therefore it may as well be) that seems to be telling me "screw you" in a very subtle but unmistakable fashion. As for the "impression" I'm under, it's the impression that Linden makes quite a lot of money off of ALL it's memberships, and as such people deserve to be treated better. I'm fairly certain only a Masochist might disagree with that. But if you feel you need to take my issues with the support system offered to me personally and have to pick a fight, well, slug on. I've a lot of work to re-do and hardly have the time to trouble with it. ...In fact, as I think about it, it's not really much of an impression, it's fact. In any case, again, I do appreciate those who have taken the time to help- even those who seem to be confused about what team they're batting for here. I don't like the answer- mostly because it's no kind of answer any paying customer should be given (and yes, non-premium customers are paying customers too, albeit the payments are a bit harder to see but we pay nonetheless)- but I understand it's the only one that can be given. It's a shame Linden can't pull it's head out of it's bottom long enough to see this, but what can you do? Thanks Luc, and others for trying. I've got an inventory to rebuild, it seems.
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