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  1. Looking for a homestead? We have one!! If you are interested, please contact Danielle Stormcrow or Kzru Bruhl so that we can get the land for sale. You will buy the Land for 8000L, this is also considered the first weeks rent. Each week after that the rent is due (8,000L$) the rental box is located in the main pet addictions store either in pics, or please request a LM. You will get the whole homestead, 3750 prims, Full rights. What we will need is a notecard stating who you require to have rights to the sim. If you fail to pay the box for 2 whole days after your rent is due, your items will be returned and your rights will be revoked. There is a ban list in place currently, exceptions and changes to this list can be made. Please talk to Kzru or Danielle for more information.  Market Place listing for photos Property in SL
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