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  1. "Privacy is nothing but the right to lie"... is unfortunatly a wrong conclusion you did, Darkie. You should understand it in the meaning of ...is also a right (better say: possibility) to lie to people. I agree fully with Verena to that. And yes, lying is bad. Manipulating is bad. To get paid for keeping up political correctness within discussion threads is bad. Much things are bad. I asure you that the right to know the truth exists all over the universe. We dont have the same situation in SL like in RL concerning privacy. Your RL Privacy is another thing than your SL privacy in the sense of the human rights. The circumstances are not similar. So, if an user is acting with a few different avas in SL to get a ... (whatever)result by doing this to the targeted ava, the targeted ava must have the right to defend this. Discover the truth is defence!
  2. Just to say, another point why to detect the online status must be kept in function is for the reason, that this is the only possibility to discover "hidden groups" playing with a dozen avas each member for several reasons. We have the most important secret services in SL, we have universities who are doing psychological studies on us and after all, we also have groups and single persons, that like to confuse others. To disvover if an alt is behaving in a way that is typically for non-main-used-avas or to get a better supervision about the possibility if other alts are used by the same user, you need to observe the online behaviour for weeks and months to be sure. And yes, there is a very smal group of users in SL who are fighting back against those groups, that you can consider as part of the NWO. If we loose this feature, we have no more possibility to discover the names of alts typically used as a spy. We have no more chance to discover and learn about their methods. So, I see the "cui bono" of disabling the detection of online status for all professionel groups like NSA, CIA, Mossad, FSB, MI6, etc. and universities. I know, this sounds like strange stuff, weird, but this is reality, RL in SL.
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