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  1. I need a full perm script, that will be a giver script and allow the person to chose a male gift or a female gift when they touch the object.  that way they dont need to take both gift , especially when tthey wont be transferable.

  2. I'm creating a doll, but I need help texturing the face and the towels on the back. 

    Can Anyone help me?

    This is a photo of the face

    a Hero Worshipper-face_001.jpg 


    This is the towels that's suppose to look like a cape but are really towels.

    a Hero Worshipper-face_002.jpg


    anyway, if anyone can help me with the textures please let me know either in world or here... and any questions, just ask away... thank you

  3. SORRY everyone, it happened after I updated to the new Internet Explorer... I think... or whatever... but thanks for the help... hope it works now.


    Anyway, my question was bout your positon in Secondlife Search.  Before it was Votes, then people traffic (which I think still is used) and then Picks... that upped your position in the search. 

    I know PICKS is no longer used, does anyone know what is?

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