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  1. Other then using the HISTORY search... is there any other way to find out what happened to the Stipend Lindens you get on a weekly bases?
  2. I need a full perm script, that will be a giver script and allow the person to chose a male gift or a female gift when they touch the object. that way they dont need to take both gift , especially when tthey wont be transferable.
  3. Open to most styles, especially if its a style of music you're fans enjoy. Most of the club members like techno - house... oldies rock.... country... so there is a variety to work with.
  4. We have opening for Host &/or DJ. If interested please contact DebbieAnn Fairplay in world... or grab an application at the club.
  5. We have opening for Host &/or DJ. If interested please contact DebbieAnn Fairplay in world... or grab an application at the club.
  6. what is Sestination: SYSTEM Upload Charge and why was I charged 10L for it twice?
  7. is Live Chat down... it wont open for me I have a premium account, its just when I open it, I get just a blank screen.
  8. What's the easiest way to have Karaoke contest in SL, does anyone know?
  9. yes, I want it to move as if its attached to the leg but attach it to another part of the body, because I want it to be worn even if the person iw searing a boot.
  10. You can attach more than one object at a time to that point though <<<<< How?
  11. Is there another part of the body I can attach an object that will have the same effect as it does if I attach it to the lower leg?
  12. I'm creating a doll, but I need help texturing the face and the towels on the back. Can Anyone help me? This is a photo of the face This is the towels that's suppose to look like a cape but are really towels. anyway, if anyone can help me with the textures please let me know either in world or here... and any questions, just ask away... thank you
  13. SORRY everyone, it happened after I updated to the new Internet Explorer... I think... or whatever... but thanks for the help... hope it works now. Anyway, my question was bout your positon in Secondlife Search. Before it was Votes, then people traffic (which I think still is used) and then Picks... that upped your position in the search. I know PICKS is no longer used, does anyone know what is?
  14. I get that sometimes too. I think if the person is active in the chat, and you eject them, they can continue to talk until they log off or crash... if they are not active then when you eject them they're out right away.
  15. If I wanted to hire LIVE Singers to do some shows in my club, which I never had before, can someone tell me where to start and what I should expect?
  16. Club Epic is located on an Adult Sim @ Underworld. We just moved to this sim and its a move from a PG sim to an adult sim... which means we are now capable of hiring for a new position of dancers. Club Epic has open shifts for all positions. Dancers and DJs and Hosts If interested, then come down to the club and grab an application. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Underworld/142/110/23
  17. agree with and do what SamanthaS Nightfire?
  18. TOTALLY AGREE... especially for us poor club owners :smileyvery-happy:
  19. I'm NOT a scripter, but I have an idea for something I wanted created in Second Life. If you can help me. please contact me in WORLD. thanks DebbieAnn Fairplay
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